Yahoo! Music Search – Now Enhanced

I just came across this on the Yahoo! blog:

Now, in addition to gaining access to all of the artist background that you could before, you'll also be able to play up to 25 full songs a month, as opposed to the 30-second samples from before. And, by tapping into the vast catalog of songs available on Rhapsody, we're expanding the number of audio files that are available for playback and increasing the number of tracks in the shortcut from three songs to four.

So, just to test it out I typed in the name of the group "coldplay" and this came up:


Simply click on one of the tracks and the "Foxy Player" strip appears towards the bottom of the screen.


It's really neat that instead of listening to excerpts you can now listen to entire tracks. I suppose the drawback is that once you navigate away from this particular results page, the song and player finish but, hell, I can live with that.

It's certainly an improvement on the music results you get from Google.

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