Why study with the CIM?

Here are 10 reasons why you should study with the Chartered Institute of Marketing

So, you're thinking of studying a CIM qualification? You've probably looked at the CIM qualifications but you need to be sure that a CIM qualification is right for you.  Here are ten reasons why we think it is worth studying for a CIM qualification.

1. The qualifications are sought after by employers

After university degrees, CIM qualifications are the most sought after by employers (Brand Recruitment, Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey 2019/2020).

2. CIM Students themselves recognise the value of CIM qualifications

Over 75% of CIM graduates would strongly recommend a CIM qualification to another marketer.(CIM Alumni Survey).

3. Leading marketers have CIM qualifications

35% of marketing leaders have a CIM qualification – the most common after a university degree (46%). Hays, DNA of a Marketing Leader Report 2019.

4. CIM graduates are well regarded/respected in the workplace

60% of CIM graduates are more respected at work or given more responsibility.(CIM Alumni Survey).

5. CIM qualifications lead to promotion and more pay.

Over a third of CIM graduates get promoted or receive a pay rise within 12 months of graduating. (CIM Alumni Survey).

6. CIM Offers a clear study pathway for students

Whether you are new to Marketing or have a wealth of experience, the CIM offers a range of qualifications to suit all abilities.

7. International recognition

CIM qualifications are recognised around the world. The CIM has over 12, 500 students members in 118 countries.

8. CIM qualifications offer you both the theory and practice

CIM qualifications offer a great balance of theory and practice. Most of the assessments focus on both theory and its practical application to your own organisation.

9. Study at your own pace

 CIM qualifications are made up of modules. You can select which module you would like to do and, what's more, completion of a module gives you an award. Complete the requisite number of modules and you will gain the Certificate or Diploma (depending on the level you are studying at).

10. Qualifications and assessments are always relevant and flexible.

CIM syllabuses are often reviewed and assessments reflect the changing marketing/digital marketing world.

Our Qualifications

Please check out our three levels of CIM qualifications today.

The Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing is aimed at those who are in a support-level marketing role and does not require any previous experience or knowledge of marketing. Its objective is to provide the practicing marketer with relevant, contemporary marketing content to equip them for the current global landscape.

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The Level 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing is for aspiring marketers who want to gain knowledge and skills to progress a successful career in marketing. Ideal for those working in marketing support roles (e.g. marketing assistants) or whose current job encompasses elements of marketing.

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The Level 6 Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing gives you the knowledge, skills and understanding at management level to take a strategic approach on digital marketing. By understanding how to improve the entire digital experience and optimise all channels, you will be able to gain enough insights to be able to make informed strategic decisions.
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