Where Online And Offline Worlds Collide

I have spent the past 5 days in London with my family for the half term break. Whilst there we visited the Science Museum, the National Gallery (briefly!) and the National History Museum. It was at the latter that I saw some of the new touchscreen technology that museums are employing to help youngsters, and the not-so-young, interact with museum exhibits. The recently opened Darwin Centre issues visitors with cards, called Nature Plus cards that allow them to:

save content from selected exhibits to view later online.
Online, NaturePlus offers visitors their own personalised web page at www.nhm.ac.uk/natureplus where they can view content they’ve saved during their visit to the Darwin Centre, see further linked information, join our forums, follow blogs and find out about events and citizen science surveys.

In a previous article I asked how tourist attractions could use digital media to keep in touch with their target audiences once they had left their premises. I suppose that the Darwin Centre answers this by making sure that visitors get a truly memorable, interactive experience whilst at the museum and then once they go home they can log on and continue that experience in a digital world. I am sure that we will see a lot more of this going on in museums in the future and I think it is quite an exciting thought.

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