Web site Advertising for FREE!

The other day I decided my travel guide blog, Mad About Madrid, would have to generate more revenue to justify the time and effort I spend finding and then writing information to it. Google AdWords is one revenue channel I have but this generates very little income, the same applies to Amazon. Therefore, I started thinking about paid adverts.

Having identified a list of organisations that would benefit from advertising on Mad About Madrid, I tested the water by sending a couple of eMails to their marketing departments enquiring if they would be interested in placing ads on the site. One company responded very quickly and said that it wasn’t their policy to pay for ‘banner adverts’ but they would pay me a percentage commission for every lead that resulted in a ‘sale.’

This got me thinking: The advertiser gets their brand flagged up on a number of Web sites, which can potentially generate thousands upon thousands of page impressions and they only pay a commission when someone purchases a product. In effect, the Web site is offering advertisers FREE advertising. Can you imagine these same companies asking newspapers and magazines to do the same?

That said, I will probably keep my Amazon adverts on this page as I believe that they do add value to the visitor experience and, you never know, some day someone may buy 50 Tom Peters books through this page!!

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