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Our beginner-intermediate social media course is aimed at marketers, business owners and PR professionals and will give you a clear understanding of how to effectively use social media for engaging, promoting, listening and much more. We have been delivering Social Media training courses in London for over 8 years and have delivered to more than 800+ students (see testimonials) from 100's of companies.

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Time: 9.15 am - 4.30 pm. Lunch/refreshments included. * Prices ex. VAT. 10% discount for 2 or more people.**

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this 1-day course you will:

  • Have learnt a new framework for developing a digital marketing strategy
  • Understand how the major social networks work and how they differ to one another
  • Gain confidence in  managing your own social media activities
  • Have explored different approaches to using the social media channels
  • Have discovered new tools for creating, monitoring and publishing social media

Social Media Course Overview

Social Media Objectives
This session looks at the key planning methodology SOSTAC and essential concepts of Social Media, including the following:

  • SOSTAC - developing a Social media strategy
  • Social Media fundamentals & stats
  • SEO and Social media

Twitter is one of the most cost-effective, real-time social networks out there. We will look at how Twitter works, how organisations use it and how you can use it to its full potential.

  • What is it and how are organisations using it?
  • What and how do you use elements like retweets, replies, hashtags, lists, etc?
  • How to build and nurture a following.
  • How to monitor, research and listen?
  • 3rd party applications and analytics.

Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users and 30 million pages are updated by businesses daily. So, how can your organisation make the most of this social media channel?

  • What are Facebook pages and how do organisations use them?
  • Understanding the Facebook interface.
  • Explore techniques to create great updates
  • Discover tools and tips for adding images to Facebook
  • Exploring Facebook Analytics and ads

Video and Image Sharing
The use of video and still images are fundamental to Social Media today. We explore how you can use them effectively in your social media activity.

  • Exploring the channels - YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • How are they being used by organisations?
  • Categorising media - how to guides, PR, FAQ's, testimonials, product previews, etc
  • How to make your content more findable.
  • Creating and embedding content and the role of user generated content.

LinkedIn is the biggest Professional Networking site in the world. This section explores how individuals and organisations can effectively use it to promote yourself or your business and build powerful connections.

  • Creating high quality LinkedIn profiles.
  • Developing connections and recommendations.
  • Learn to craft engaging content on your timeline
  • Using LinkedIn groups for yourself and your business.
  • How to create and develop company pages.

Blogging has been used by both private & public sector, government and education since around 2002. But how can companies be using blogs in 2018?

  • How are companies using blogs?
  • Understanding how blogs work and how companies are using them.
  • Blog ambassadors, blog strategies,  editorial calendars & embedding content.
  • Considering writing strategies for blogs.

Like most 1-day courses the Social Media course is non-accredited; however, to see our accredited courses visit this page.

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Prices for our Social Media London courses start from £275 per person and include:

  • Course material
  • Access to a password-protected Social Media blog which features videos, articles, podcasts, videocasts, PowerPoint slides, book links and more.
  • Refreshments are available throughout the day
  • Lunch is served in the on-site restaurant.


  • ** If you have 2 or more staff attending we can offer a discount (not applicable to Early Bird or Special Offer pricing). For numbers above 5, you may want to look at our In-House courses.
  • Get 10% off course bookings if your organisation is a registered charity (not applicable to Early Bird pricing).


Our Social Media courses in London are delivered from two central London locations. They are Portland Place, which is opposite the BBC and Holborn Bars, which is located next to Chancery Lane tube station. Both locations are ideal for tube and rail connections.To work out your travel times, please visit the Portland Place or Holborn Bars pages.

Times, Refreshments and Lunch

Courses start at 9.00 am, though we ask delegates to arrive at the venue between 8.45 - 9.00 am. The courses end at 4.30 pm and lunch is usually taken at 12.30 pm with tea and coffee breaks mid morning and mid afternoon. To work out your travel times, please see the venue addresses below.

The facilities in Portland Place and Holborn Bars are second-to-none.  Teas, coffees and pastries are served in the morning and afternoon. Lunch, which is included, is served in the award-winning Steam, Bake and Grill restaurant in the same building. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know.

In-house courses

Should your organisation require, we can arrange to have the workshop delivered either at your location or a venue closer to your workplace. Check out our In-House page for more details.


The social media course was excellent. Alun provided the group with lots of practical advice on how to make inspiring content and increase user engagement, and was happy to answer any questions or queries we had. He also used lots of fantastic examples that were really thought-provoking. I came away from the course with lots of ideas that I have been able to put into practice very successfully. As a result, engagement across my organisation’s social media platforms has increased significantly over the past five months.

Isabel Gillen-Smith, Professional Standards Officer
Architects Registration Board

I found the course very informative & extremely helpful. I didn’t really know what to expect but to be honest I was massively impressed with the information & advice I walked away with. Canva alone has been a great tool for me. I have been using paid advertising through FB & we’re already achieving results. Through the analytics I’ve been able to monitor traffic & we are on a steady increase.

Dan Heap
Nouveau Clinic

The Social Media course I went on was fantastic. Alun was a fantastic instructor, whose approach was friendly and encouraging. I learned so much during the one day course, it was so engaging I could have easily stayed for the whole week to learn more. With great tips and links to useful blogs and websites, I can easily put skills learned into practice. I just want to say Thank You and I’m sure I will see you again. P.S the venue and lunch was great

Aimee-Jane Carpenter, Junior Account Manager
Delta Consultants

The Social Media Training Masterclass was the most informative and useful that I have attended. Marketing Tom provides all the information you need regarding social media and digital marketing practices as a whole including multiple social platforms, blogging, SEO, strategy and tips for getting the most your of your communications for your organisation.
I highly recommend Marketing Tom’s sessions to revolutionise the way your use social for business and help you to shape your future success. Thanks again for a great session!

Katie Peplow, Social Media Officer
Royal Voluntary Service

Alun's course gave me great insight into how to take our social media accounts to the next level. He crammed in an awful lot of content, but still kept the day light, fun and engaging.

Jan Butter, Director for Communication
The Anglican Communion

Marketing Tom Media provided a thorough overview of the latest social media marketing tools and techniques with great examples, insight and delivery - a very worthwhile day!

Tom Holbourn, Head of Marketing
Caspian Media

Alun John (Marketing Tom Media) came highly recommended! The Social Media Marketing course gave me an in-depth view on how to use popular social media sites to a business advantage. Anyone thinking of expanding their use of social media tools should consider this course. A thoroughly enjoyable and information packed course, with a practical approach. Will hopefully be joining Alun again on his upcoming courses in the near future.

Victoria Humphreys, Marketing Officer
Seren Books

This course offers a valuable insight into the world of Social Media, and how using specific social media tools can benefit your company no matter how big or small. Alun knows exactly what he’s talking about and is happy to answer questions along the way breaking down those barriers caused by fears of the ‘unknown’ (I was a non-Twitter user before I attended this course!) This course provided me with the confidence and knowledge to lead our company into the modern world! It was really interesting, enjoyable and fun too! I would highly recommend this course.

Ann Barker, Marketing Manager
Gymboree UK

With new media moving at such a fast pace, the Social Media Marketing course is a must for all marketing professionals, as it provides in-depth knowledge on how to make social media tools work for your business and enhance your digital marketing strategies. Having done several courses with Alun in the past, I knew that this would be fully informative, relevant and taught using a relaxed, interactive approach - definitely recommended!

Louise Elias, Marketing Manager
Sinclair Volkswagen

The Social Media Marketing course is ideal for anyone wishing to expand on their existing knowledge of social media marketing techniques, or for those who feel slightly lost in this fast-moving environment, like I did! I found the course highly interactive, and the lively discussions and presentations offered everyone the opportunity to think about their own organisations and how to apply these creative methods to marketing in a practical way. As a result of the course I have started a new job where I have the opportunity to apply all my knowledge on a day-to-day basis. I now feel I can talk with confidence on a range of social media initiatives and am even teaching my colleagues! I would thoroughly recommend this course for all marketing professionals as we move into what is seen to be a new and exciting time for social media marketing.

Beth James, Accessible Information and Research Officer
Learning Disability Wales

Everything I know about social media, I learnt from Alun! A really engaging and useful course to help you understand how to get your company’s social media presence up and running successfully. Alun uses his expert knowledge to give personalised recommendations and tips to meet the individual needs of your company. His passion and enthusiasm for the subject is truly infectious leaving you chomping at the bit to get started on your own social media strategy! Well worth attending.

Alice Silver, Community Manager

I had some knowledge about different social media platforms but after attending the training program it gave me clear indications on what are the most productive routes to use various social media platforms to achieve the optimum results for our events/exhibition. I highly recommend this program.

Sumit Pal, Sales Manager
Property Investor Media

Marketing Tom’s social media courses are an effective way to learn about social media implementations and practices in the business world. The course I attended was good on an introductory level – covering the basics of the various platforms and why & how businesses should use them – but also covered more intermediate and advanced topics, while tying it all into the most important elements in business, which should be seen as the most important reasons why social media is used for business purposes: branding, interaction and ROI.

Steve Morgan, SEO Account Manager
Liberty Marketing

Thanks Alun, a great course as usual.

Liz Shellard, Web Development Officer
City and County Of Swansea

The Social Media Marketing course was a great insight into the way that marketing is changing and gave me some fantastic ideas that I have since been able to implement within my business. Well worth the investment!

Rachael Marking, Marketing Manager
Creditsafe Business Solutions Ltd

I would definitely recommend this course, the tutor has a real passion for the subject and delivers the course in an interesting and informative way. I came away full of new ideas which had an immediate impact on student recruitment.

Ros Owen, Marketing Manager
Coleg Harlech

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