Google AdWords Training in London & Cardiff

Google Ads 101Aug 17 & 18 (A.M.), 2020Virtual ClassroomEarly Bird £299 (Not £319)Book Now
Google Ads 101Sep 14 & 15 (A.M.), 2020Virtual ClassroomEarly Bird £299 (Not £319)Book Now
Time: 9.15 am - 4.30 pm. Lunch/refreshments included. * Prices ex. VAT. 10% discount for 2 or more people.**

Virtual Classrooms Go Live!

For the next 8 weeks (and until further government notice) this course will be delivered live through a virtual platform. All courses are delivered through Zoom which allows us to stream HD-quality video of our courses direct to your laptop, desktop or tablet. These courses are limited to a maximum of 6-8 people. Learn more about Virtual Classrooms.

What is the Google Ads training course?

This course is designed at moving AdWords advertisers from beginner/intermediate-level to intermediate/advanced-level knowledge and experience of using this most powerful of online advertising mediums. The courses are delivered as beginner (AdWords 101) and intermediate (AdWords 201) course.

Who is behind the Masterclass?

Marketing Tom Media has been involved in creating, implementing and maintaining Google AdWords accounts for over 7 years. We have worked with the private sector, public sector and government organisations in this period. We have also run many Google AdWords courses in South Wales.

Liberty Marketing is a 35-person company that manages the organic and paid search campaigns for over a 200 clients with an annual AdWords spend of over £10 million. They have over 10 years' experience and they are a Google Premium Partner and one of Google's Top Tier Agency partner.

Topics Covered

AdWords 101 Beginner/Intermediate

Introduction to AdWords

  • What is it
  • Your business objectives and strategies
  • Traditional vs digital advertising
  • Standard Search vs Paid Search
  • What is AdWords and what is it used for?

Keyword Clinic

  • What are keywords and why are they critical?
  • Match types: Broad, Exact, Phrase and Negative
  • Negative keyword tips
  • Keyword Tools: Google Keyword Planner
  • Other Keyword Tools: Google Search & Uber Suggest

Destination or Landing Pages

  • Home page or landing page
  • What do companies want their visitors to do?
  • Calls to Action and Landing page setup/ goal
  • Trust signals

Ad Workshop

  • The PPC/ SEO landscape – SERP
  • Targeted v untargeted campaigns?
  • What do your ads need to achieve?
  • Does the ad copy marry up too
  • Ad copy creative
  • Key elements - character, USPs, features/ benefits, etc
  • Ad Creation

Setting up an Account 

  • Terminology
  • Considering Site Structure
  • Sales & non-sales keywords
  • AdWords Structure - Account + Campaigns + Ad Groups + Keywords + Ads
  • Setup  - Campaign, Ad Group, Ads & Keywords
  • Bid Implementation
  • Conversion Session

Advanced Campaign Features

  • What are enhanced campaigns?
  • Location, Ad Schedule and Device Modifiers

Display Network 

  • What is it? – video
  • How does it work?
  • Text, Image and Rich media ads
  • Topics & Interests
  • Managed placements
  • Remarketing
  • Ad creator
  • Display planner

AdWords 201

Quick Review

  • Keyword Tools
  • Match Types
  • Landing pages and CTAs
  • Ad Copy, Structure and keywords
  • Enhanced campaigns and Bid Modifiers

 Advanced Keyword Session

  • Identify quality keywords
  • Quality scores of  keywords
  • Fresh ads
  • Split testing
  • Ad groups – final action
  • How to create great ads
  • Short recap
  • Interaction – they create two sample ads from a given scenario
  • Looking for opportunities – stats & search term report

Ad Copy Research

  • Features & benefits
  • Consider worries, concerns, barriers, etc of customers
  • Competitor ads
  • Killer keywords – adjectives, verbs & nouns
  • Ad Copy Creation

Ad Extensions

  • What are Ad Extensions?
  • Site links
  • Location, Seller, Call , Review and Callout

Shopping Campaigns (Product Listings)

  • What are they and When are they used?
  • How to set them up
    • Campaign
    • Ad group
    • Auto targets
    • Promotions
  • Web development/technical support

Automatic bidding – listening

  • How it works
  • Understanding and Creating rules
  • When and why to use

Reporting and Analysis 

  • Report overview and interface
  • Configuring information to your needs
  • Segmenting and filtering
  • Linking up Analytics
  • Advanced keyword options and Negative keyword tips
  • Mining the long tail
  • Exploring keyword insertion


  • Candidatess own experiences
  • Account
  • Ads
  • Keywords
  • CTRs & Conversions

Tools & Other Apps

  • AdWords Editor
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Open-floor Q & A

More information

Our masterclass will be restricted to a maximum of 12 people. This means that we are able to interact more with our clients and spend more time helping them to develop the best possible Google AdWord campaigns.

How much does it cost?

Cardiff - AdWords 101 and 201 cost from £299 per day or £550 for 2 days (Standard Price £319 for 1 day and £600 for 2 days) .

London - AdWords 101 and 201 cost £379 per day or £695 for 2 days

And includes:

  • Course materials
    Refreshments and lunch
  • Full access to our online knowledge centre with useful documents and links

What should you do next?

To reserve a place, please select the booking date from the table above. Our terms and conditions can be found on this page. Alternatively, telephone us on 02920 005 778.