Customer Communications – CIM Foundation Certificate

cust200Through this module, you will build your understanding of the importance of customer relationships and discover the way in which marketing communications can be used as a tool of engagement. Customer Communications like Digital Essentials is one of the Elective modules of the CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing; Marketing Principles is the mandatory module in the Foundation Certificate.

Upcoming Dates

Digital FundamentalsVirtual Classroom Nov 11, 12 and 13, 2020£495
Marketing PrinciplesVirtual Classroom Jan 22, 25 and 26 (Morning), 2020 £495
CIM Fees Total £275. Prices above exclude VAT.

Aims of the module

This module provides an understanding of how marketing communications can be used in practice to engage with customers. It enables appreciation of the customer and considers the importance of the nature of relationships and how they are managed and monitored. You will gain knowledge and understanding of the purpose and process of marketing communications, and the range of tools available. You will also explore how to develop a successful marketing communications campaign and learn how the campaign can be put into practice.

Module structure

Three units with two learning outcomes each. Each learning outcome will be covered by the related assessment criteria. By the end of this module you should understand the following:

Unit 1: Who are customers?

– Have an understanding of different types of customer

– Understand the nature and importance of customer relationships

Unit 2: Communicating with customers

– Know the purpose and process of marketing communication

– Understand the range of di erent marketing communications tools available

Unit 3: Creating a marketing communications campaign

– Be able to create an outline marketing communications campaign

– Be able to implement the marketing communications campaign

Assessment: Assignment

You will be assessed by assignment based on a given scenario and an organisation of choice.

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How long will it take to study?

Notional learning time is the amount of time expected to take, on average, to complete the learning outcomes of a module to the standard defined by the assessment criteria. This includes:
– Guided learning hours
– Practical and work-based learning – Assessment preparation time
– Assessment time
– Supported self-study time
Each module will take 80-90 hours Notional learning time.
There are three assessment sessions per year within the new CIM qualification.


Each of the modules are delivered from Cardiff Gate Business Park and students benefit from:

  • Two days' attendance per module
  • Experience - both tutors have 30 years' experience of delivering CIM courses
  • Support - we provide post-course support right up to the time you do your assessment and online test
  • Limited course numbers (often 6-8 delegates)
  • Online learning - comprising notes, slides, activities, links and digital marketing updates
  • Monthly delivery - every month we deliver one of the modules

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How Much Does It Cost?

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The cost of the Foundation Certificate is £850. The CIM costs are £100 per assessment and a yearly fee of £50. You should allocate a £40-50 spend on books.