Digital Marketing Training Courses and Qualifications

Marketing Tom Media Ltd is now in its 8th year as an Accredited Study Centre of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. The centre delivers the increasingly popular CAM Diploma In Digital Marketing  and specialised 1 and 2-day workshops to businesses and organisations from our training venues in Cardiff and London and from other UK locations and even overseas.

Our Digital Marketing Training courses offer clients both the strategic plan and tactical tools to succeed online. Here are our current service offerings:

CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing
Marketing and Consumer BehaviourOct 19-20, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
Digital Marketing PlanningNov 16-17, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
Digital Marketing EssentialsDec 14-15, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing
Marketing Principles + Digital EssentialsSep 7-8 & Oct 19-20, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
One & Two-Day Courses
Email Marketing Excellence Oct 20, 2017LondonMore Dates & Info
Email Marketing Excellence Oct 13, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
Google AnalyticsOct 24, 2017LondonMore Dates & Info
Google AnalyticsOct 25, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
Social Media MarketingOct 1238, 2017LondonMore Dates & Info
Social Media MarketingOct 11, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
TwitterSep 25, 2017LondonMore Dates & Info
Twitter Sep 21, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info
WordPressSep 26, 2017LondonMore Dates & Info
WordPressSep 22, 2017CardiffMore Dates & Info

CAM Diploma In Digital Marketing

This is now established as one of the foremost  qualifications in Digital Marketing and is offered through the CAM Foundation (part of CIM). Employers often look out for this qualification on a CV and students use the knowledge gained from the course to become efficient and professional digital marketers. The Diploma comprises two digital units and one marketing communications unit. The digital units are Digital Marketing Planning Award and the Digital Marketing Essentials Award. The course is aimed at marketing and PR professionals, IT staff, business owners and anyone who works in Digital Marketing. Discover more about the CAM Diploma In Digital Marketing that we offer.

Our 1-day Workshops

Taught by professionals with proven track records in these areas, these interactive, hands-on sessions will explore the myriad of online tools available to businesses and will let you evaluate the most suitable to your business. Our courses are taught either in-house, where we can offer bespoke solutions, or from training locations across London, Bristol and Cardiff. Please note that unlike the CAM Diploma these are non-accredited courses.

Social Media

This is our most popular course and is delivered in both London and Cardiff. It covers SOSTAC (a planning methodology), Social Media Themes, SEO for Social Media, Facebook (pages and advertising), YouTube and Instagram, Business Blogging (including Tumblr), LinkedIn (profiles, groups and company pages) and much more. For a comprehensive overview visit our Social Media Training page.

Google AdWords Workshop

Our Masterclass is delivered in conjunction with Liberty Marketing – a Google AdWords Professional company. On day 1 we cover: introduction to AdWords, campaign set up, keyword analysis, ad group and ad copy creation, enhanced campaigns, match types, along with calls to action. Day 2 covers the display network, a more in-depth look at campaign management, advanced ad copy, bidding techniques, reporting, advanced keyword use, AdWords Editor, troubleshooting and much, much more! Take a look at our Google AdWords Workshops now.

Google Analytics Workshop

Our interactive, hands-on workshop looks at the Analytics Interface, Account Structure, Standard Reports, Customised Reports, Goal Creation, Traffic Sources, Filters, Widgets, Advanced Segments, Attribution and much more. Check out our Google Analytic Training page.

WordPress Training Workshop

This 1-day course looks at how to build, maintain and write using the WordPress platform. We cover all aspects of WordPress from themes, design, posts and pages to comments, sourcing content, mobile blogging and stats. Discover more about our WordPress Training workshops today.

Twitter Training Workshop

Our Twitter workshops are ideal for those who are Twitter newbies or who have a little understanding of the platform. We explore with students key areas such as Twitter objectives, reasons for using Twitter, account creation and design, all aspects of tweets (replies, hostages, etc), styles, Twitter case studies, images and video, monitoring and listening and many other aspects. To find out more, visit our Twitter Training Workshop page.

In-House Courses

Sometimes, due to numbers, location and content it makes sense to have courses tailored, in-house to your needs. Marketing Tom Media delivers both 1-day and CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing courses every month in the UK and overseas. Find out more about our In-House Training courses today.

If you a Welsh-based business or an individual who may have been or is about to be made redundant, you may be eligible for funding from one of the Welsh Government Schemes. Visit our funding page to find out more information.