Tom Peters on the cheap!

Tom Peters is the highest profile management ‘guru’ in the world. He commands huge appearance fees and watching him speak doesn’t come cheap, either – you may have to pay up to 500-600 smackeroonies. There is a cheaper way, though..

Tom on the cheap
1. Go to Tom’s Web site and download his presentation slides for FREE.
2. Carry out searches on the web for free Web seminars/webcasts or live presentations
3. Get someone else to pay for your ticket!
4. Tom Peters newsletters and observations
5. Download a free chapter from his book Re-Imagine
6. Participate in the Tom Peters discussion forum
7. Tom Peters seminar in Minneapolis on November 17th - prices $24. How much?????
8. Tom Peters Seminar in Toronto on November 19th - prices CAD $59

October 27th update: FREE online seminar for November 10th

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