The Wrong Way To Do Google AdWords!

I was just doing some work for a client, and testing out the Ad quality, position and competition, when I came across this AdWord for the keywords "swansea hotels".


This is just the sort of untargeted approach to Google AdWords that you should avoid at all costs. The person who created this AdWord selected (possibly without knowing) the default setting of "Broad Match". For those who are not au fait with AdWords, by selecting the keyword "swansea" under a broad match, the AdWord for this company will appear for all searches which contain this word - which could include "swansea city", "swansea council", "swansea brewery", "swansea city football club".

To maintain this position the advertiser will be spending around £1.20 per click. It is more than likely that they will blow their budget very quickly, receive largely untargeted (read unwanted) traffic and will probably end up saying that Google AdWords is a load of crap and doesn't work!

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