The Curious Tale of Seth Godin, His Toyota Prius and Google Adwords

If you're a Google Adwords Advertiser, it would be worth your while popping over to Seth Godin's blog to hear about a recent experience he had with Google Adwords. It starts off like this:

I lost the keys to my Toyota Prius (actually, someone stole my shoes
when I was skiing on the snow-covered bike path, and my keys were in my
shoes, but that's another story altogether--why would someone steal my

In order to solve his dilemma he thought he'd turn to Google. Typing in the search words "replacement key toyota prius", it appeared to Seth that one of the AdWords matched his criteria. However, his relief at finding the right match was soon tempered by the fact that the Toyota parts site he ended up at had no keys for a Prius!

Seth believes there are 2 problems here:

The first is that the company is too lazy to buy just the right keywords.

The second is that the web guys are probably not the same people as
the folks who are buying the ads
. If they were, the entire online
buying experience would be centered around me and my need for keys, not
them and their need to accurately describe the hierarchy of their store.

I'm sure we have all had similar experiences with Google Adwords and other forms of banner advertising . The truth is that both advertiser and visitor lose out from such an experience - the advertiser loses money through a wasted click and the visitor wastes their time and are forced to retrace their steps to find what they're looking for. As Seth points out in his article - it's not rocket science and Google even offers people advice on how to go about it: Google AdWords Support: What are keyword matching options?.

Put simply, when you enbark on a Google Adwords (or similar) campaign, you must succeed in taking your visitor to the destination page that matches their search criteria. Looking for Apartments in Sienna? Then take visitors to a page that has Apartments in Sienna and NOT to the Tuscan Apartment Page.

If you can't exceed people's expectations, you should at least match them.

Interestingly, it would appear that this Adword is no longer being displayed on Google. Ah! the power of blogs.

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