The Best Digital Marketing Tool

I was just considering what is the most effective and powerful Digital Marketing tool that I use.

Was it Facebook? Nope

How about Blogging? Nope

Or plain, old-fashioned SEO? Nope

Well, what about Google AdWords? Nope

Online PR? Not quite.

Then it must be Twitter? Nope

I thought about it for a little while and can tell you that, based on conversions and conversations, there can only be one winner ..... email. And the app that I use, Outlook 2007. This simple tool, which allows me to write a little bit of text (no images or video) with a hypertext link is critical in all my Customer Acquisition, Extension and Retention strategies. There is no other tool in my 'little' armoury that comes anywhere near it and I think a key element in its usefulness is the fact that it allows me to talk directly (or so the plan goes!) with people. In essence, it's a superb word-of-mouth tool.

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    That's very interesting. I think it's easy to forget that email can be just as viral as Twitter and a lot more people use it. It's definitely something I need to make better use of.

    It's actually very easy to send HTML email using Outlook 2007. Just brings a bit of branding into it.

    For my web development work, SEO is still the best tool. Personally I find that blogging, Twitter, Facebook is a lot of hard work (constant content writing/sharing) for very little return. My main problem is that I seem to attract other developers rather than potential customers.

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