The BBC, Twitter and Iran

Twitter has been a key element in spreading the word about what is going on in Iran at the moment, even though it says it was not coerced into changing maintenance times by the State Department to help the protests. Here is what Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder had to say:

"The State Dept does not have access to our decision making process.When we worked with our network provider to reschedule this planned maintenance, we did so because events in Iran were tied directly to the growing significance of Twitter as an important communication and information network. 

"We decided together to move the date. It made sense for Twitter and for NTT America to keep services active during this highly visible global event."

Whilst on the BBC site this morning I was very interested to see this panel on a news article on Iran:


Notice the Twitter profile and two Twitter hashtags: #Iranvote and #IranElection

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