‘State of the Blogosphere’ from Technorati

Technorati boss David Sifry is writing an interesting series of reports called ‘The State of the Blogosphere’, on his Sifry’s Alerts blog - he posted on this subject in October at the Web 2.0 conference and, due to the dynamic nature of the industry, felt it was time for an update. Here are some facts gleaned from Technorati:

  • 7.8 million weblogs on Technorati, and 937 million links
  • this figure is double the number in October 2004
  • the blogosphere is doubling in size around every 5 months
  • in 20 months it has grown 16 times
  • 30-40,000 new blogs every day!!

The article
spends a fair bit of time discussing the impact that spam blogs have had on the industry and how Technorati is tackling the issue - the comments to this article also raise some interesting issues. The second instalment from David Sifry focuses on posting -
here is a flavour:

It is interesting to note that posting volume suffered a decline during the months of November and December, 2004. A large part of this decline is the reduction in postings about US politics after the election in early November.

I must say I had a very positive user experience from Technorati last year. Unlike Search Engines Technorati, and other blog search engines, offer visitors real-time results. Post now and your article will be listed within a quarter of an hour. Within a short time period of having written an article about Technorati for this blog, I received an email from David Sifry thanking me for writing about his company and advising me that my site didn't work in Firefox (it does now!). Bloggers can be such nice people!

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