Social Capitalist Awards 2006

We always hear about the guys at major corporations who are making millions of dollars for their shareholders (and themselves). Well, why not take a look at Fast Company's list of 25 Social Entrepreneurs who are making a difference to people with serious social problems both in the USA and overseas? Here are some excerpts:

.".developed a network of microlending institutions that provide the poor
with loans as small as $100 in order to start their own businesses."

"..runs after-school programs at 24 schools in 13 cities, staffed mostly
by about 2,000 volunteer architects, attorneys, journalists, and other
professionals who use their passions to inspire students."

"..certifies "fair trade" products--coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, and other
foods produced without exploiting growers' labor. It also connects
farmers' cooperatives in Latin America, Asia, and Africa directly to
U.S. distributors, eliminating middlemen who otherwise would capture a
chunk of the profits."

"..provides livestock to poor families in developing nations to use for
farming, food production, and fertilization. It also teaches animal
husbandry and skills for flexible and sustainable rural farming."

There are some truly great and inspiring stories in here.

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