Setting up Email Signatures

In a previous article I mentioned how important email signatures were as a means of driving traffic to your website. In this article I will explain how to go about setting one up. Let's take the following example:

Alun John
Internet Marketing Consultant
Marketing Tom
02920 0000000

Using Outlook Express this is the way that you go about it.

Step 1 - Select Tools > Options from the menu bar.
Step 2 - Click "Signatures".
Step 3 - Make sure that you select "Add signatures to all outgoing messages" - within the "Signature settings" section. It is up to you whether you would like your signature to appear in "replies" and "forwards":


Step 4 - Click "New" (you can change the name from "Signature #1" by clicking "Rename") - within "Signature" section:


Step 5 - Type in the text that you would like to apear at the end of your email messages - in "Edit signature" section:


Step 6 - If you're happy with this, click "Apply" and "OK".
Note: when you create a message, the URL or email link will no be activated. This happens when the email is sent.

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