Search Engine Relationship Chart (updated)



This page is well worth looking at to give you an idea of where search engine results come from. I wrote an article last year which mentioned this chart (Which are the main search engines?) but the page seems to have been updated using Flash in the interim - it is much more effective. The map indicates whether the results a search engine sends/receives are primary, secondary, directory or paid results. A pdf version can also be found on this site.

Search Engine Relationship Chart

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  1. Marketing Playbook on

    Interdependant Dragraces, Stealth Plays and Platforms

    Marketing Tom: Search Engine Relationship Chart (updated) Very interesting chart on the topic of search engines. Take a look on how interdependant they are. Thanks to Marketing Tom....

  2. Alun John on


    In all search engine marketing work there are 2 guiding principles: 1. to make the site search engine friendly and 2. to make the site visitor friendly. As long as you focus on the needs of your target audience and speak in the language they use, you won't go far long. This does mean optimizing titles, meta tags, using anchor links, header tags, etc. By filtering the language of your audience through to your 'ethical' search engine toolkit, you should be able to please Google, Yahoo! and other major search engines.

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