Search Engine Optimization – Update

A week ago I put up an article entitled Search Engine Optimization in Action. In it I mentioned that I had had problems getting some pages of Marketing Tom listed on Google with their correct page titles. To give you an example, this page: Search Engine Optimisation - Don't Forget Design! had following page title -, that is the URL was listed as the page title. As page titles are such key elements in search engine indexing, this page stood little, if no, chance of being found.

In order to remedy this I did three things:

1. I wrote an article about the subject.
2. I created keyword links to the article, the page title of the destination page also used the same keywords.
3. I added a new section to this site called 'Recently Posts' which obviously included the article I published. This was important in that Google added the article/page to its index much quicker.

The result was that the article, Search Engine Optimization in Action, was created on the 27th July and it was added to the Google index on August 3rd. The problem articles were all re-spidered at the same time. It is worth noting that Google did spider the home page and article within 2 days of publishing but the individual URL for the article took a couple more days to index. It now means that I have 6 more optimized pages through which people can enter my site.

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