Search Engine Marketing – Meta Tags (Step 4)

These are some further tips on how to better use your meta keywords and meta description:

Meta Description
1. Only use relevant keywords
2. Keep your description succinct, around 200-250 characters
3. Ditch superlatives and in some cases unnecessary adjectives, for example, sweeping countryside, beautiful brochures, high quality marketing communications solutions
4. Talk in a language that your target market uses
5. Keep revising until it is perfect

Meta Keywords
1. Only use relevant keywords (again!)
2. Try and keep to 20-25 keyword phrases
3. 2 and 3-word phrases are better
4. Separate with commas
5. Think customers and target audience what words are they using to describe your products and services?
6. Think about misspellings
-- > Morgage / mortgage / morgauge
--> Manidgement / management
7. Be careful NOT to use the names of your competitors or their products/brands, unless you have made mention to it within your Web site.
8. Think about dialect and country differences, for example, centre and center, pants and trousers.

Further tools
Meta Tag Generator
From AddMe or from Microsoft's bCentral Meta tag checker
Meta Tag Analyser
Submit Express

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