Search Engine Marketing – Domain Name (Step 1)

This 5-step process will help you master the basics of search engine marketing. If your site has not been experiencing much traffic or relevant/targeted enquiries, then this should go some way to remedying that. Let's look at the first step - domain names.

Selecting a domain name is a very important element in this 5-step process. The first thing to check is whether your company/organisation name is available. Are you based in the USA, UK, Spain or other country? If you are, consider buying a domain name with the suffix for your country - if the the .com is available, buy it anyway - you never know how your business is going to grow.

Should your organisation name not be available, start taking a good look at the services or products you offer clients.
Selling books in Boston? Well, try out boston-books, bostonbooks, booksfromboston, etc.
Providing marketing consultancy to US companies? How about usmarketer, strategic-marketer, tactical-marketer.
A good web site for checking out domain name selections is Register. I would suggest putting a couple of keywords that describe your business into the search box - Register will throw up some possible combinations for you.

Some things to remember:
1. Your clients may type in the name of yor company, followed by the or .com suffix - so it may be worth buying one of these.
2. Find out whether you can get a POP3 mailbox for your domain name and, if not, how much will it cost you? I have used Names, GoDaddy and Easyspace
3. If you're a UK-based company, Google tends to list the domain names first.
4. I wouldn't recommend buying a domain name with too many words or characters - people WILL forget or mix them up!
5. Be careful not to buy a domain name using your competitor's business name or products/services.

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