Revolutionising Mobile Payments

This Autumn, Marketing Tom Media will start rolling out its latest course - the CAM Diploma in Mobile Marketing. We have been successfully delivering the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing for over two years now and are really excited to offer this new course. Whilst developing the course material we have come across some really neat apps and we plan to share them with readers over the coming months. Here's one that you may not be too familiar with in the UK - Mobile payments. Mobile Payments have been around for a little while but now companies like Square, PayPal and Google Wallet are really starting to ratchet up their marketing push on these exciting new products. We have identified a few videos from some of the big players to give you a flavour of what is on the horizon for UK retailers and shoppers in the months to come. We're sure you will start seeing a big increase in shops and other businesses who employ these services.

Here's Google Wallet

and here's Square:

And this is the UK's new kid on the block, Mpowa:

Useful links
Starbucks backs Square for mobile payments in shops

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