One Way to Build Your Subscriber Base

I was just on the Marketing Pilgrim website when this article grabbed my attention (as it would!):

Andy Beal, Internet Marketing expert, was inviting visitors to the site to sign up for an RSS feed or email update and in return they would be entered into a draw for the new Kindle 2. Here's the offering:


This is a simpe but very effective way to build your subscriber base: offer visitors something of value to them but which, in real terms, is of no great value to yourself. Also make sure that you offer a product which the target audience has heard of - is 'topical' and, importantly, would be something they would be proud (happy?) to own.

For Marketing Pligrim this offer makes sense as they have many thousands of people visiting their site each day - a whole bunch of whom haven't signed up for an RSS feed or email update yet. Add to that the 7,752 followers on Twitter and it makes perfect sense:


I just wonder whether he'll post the Kindle 2 to me in the UK if I win the competition.

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  1. Stag Weekend Activities on

    Excellent advice as always Alun! We have been using email marketing for quite some time to highlight stag weekend activities and to let stag groups see how others have enjoyed their weekend breaks.

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