New WordPress Blogging Workshop

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We are pleased to announce that from December we are going to run a new workshop: WordPress Blogging Workshop. The workshop is aimed at new users of WordPress who would like to learn how to create, design, write and manage a website. WordPress is the one of the web's most popular publishing platforms and is an ideal tool for creating a blog or website.

On this day we will be using the FREE hosted solution and you will:

  • discover the benefits of blogging and WordPress
  • create your own FREE WordPress site
  • wp3learn  to change themes, headers and background images
  • write and source articles for your blog
  • create navigation bars
  • edit and embed videos, images, tweets, and more
  • add functionality, like sidebars and email updates, to their blog
  • add Social Media Share buttons to posts and connect Twitter accounts
  • and much, much more

The cost for this course is £229 in Cardiff and £329 in London. Our first course will run on December 19th in Cardiff and February 2nd in London. for further information, please check our WordPress Training page.

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