New Search Analytics Reports in Webmaster Tools

Google is currently rolling out a new (beta) tool within Webmaster Tools. Replacing Search Queries, the Search Analytics tool allows you to analyse your search queries in more detail. The search box within Search Analytics lets you measure 'Clicks', 'Impressions', 'CTR' and 'Position' against Queries, Pages, etc (see below). This update is certainly an improvement over the previous version and offers SEO and Webmaster folk more detail, especially as they can apply various filters. This set up very much reminds me of the dimensions and metrics elements within Google Analytics.

So, let's take a quick look at its latest functionality. Notice how the selection of 'Clicks' brings in the keywords with the highest amount of clicks for the stated time period. Should you wish to add a filter, Webmaster Tools will allow you to filter in/out certain aspects (USA in countries) or compare. The date selector allows you to select a date range or compare date periods - again a very useful tool.clicks3

Let's say that you wanted to analyse the clickthrough rate for a given keyword and its relative position in Google searches, you simply select "Query" and apply "Clicks", "CTR" and "Impressions" against it. This can allow you to measure your performance against competitors or even try and see how you could improve the CTR - possibly through meta description/content or page title mods.
If you're looking at opportunities that might be going a begging, select "Clicks" and "Impressions" and measure them against "Queries". If you run down the list of keywords you will then find Google Organic queries where you're not appearing. You'll obviously need to look at the "Impressions" to work out which ones you'll wish to target. Then you'll need to work out how to optimise pages around these words to get more clicks for those keywords.


So, as we can see this tool can be quite useful for different insights into how your web pages are performing for certain searches on Google.

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