Keyword Links – Try not to ‘Click here’!

When writing an article, or adding content to to your website, there is always the temptation to use the words 'click here' to take you to another page. However, it is much better, from both a search engine and visitor perspective, to create keyword (or text) links which tell visitors where they will be going. And we mustn't forget that keyword links are used by search engines to rank sites, albeit to a lesser extent.
Let's look at an example: an online New York food guide will be given greater credibility if another site uses a good keyword link, like New York Food Guide, to link into it. The link New York Food Guide gives the destination page much more relevancy in the eyes of the search engine, hence helping in its ranking. The same can also be said of links from A to B within your own website.

In their 'Quality Tips for Webmasters' the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) offers some good advice on using text links.

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