How People Read Google Search Results


There's an interesting story on Search Engine Watch about how people view the search results on Google. The actual research itself was carried out by search marketing firms Enquiro and Did-it and eye tracking firm Eyetools. The result shoudl certainly make marketers sit up and take notice.

It would appear that most searchers see information in the shape of an "F", with people's eye movements starting from the top-left of the search results and moving down, then jumping across to the right (where the first Google Adwords appear). Here are some of the results:

Organic Search Results Viewed:
Rank 1 - 100%
Rank 2 - 100%
Rank 3 - 100%
Rank 4 - 85%
Rank 5 - 60%
Rank 6 - 50%
Rank 7 - 50%
Rank 8 - 30%
Rank 9 - 30%
Rank 10 - 20%

Chris Sherman points out that though Organic Search Engine Marketing is far more popular with web searchers, many firms are ignoring its potential in favour of Paid Google Adword listings.

Original Source
Eyesite (Seth Godin)

2 comments on “How People Read Google Search Results

  1. Richard Leader on

    I've seen a few of these eye-tracking reports now - the Google one is probably the most interesting I've seen though!
    Given that G's revenue comes from the PPC advertising on the right of the screen, how long before they stick it into the most viewed area, do you think?

  2. Alun John on

    I can´t really see that happening Richard. Google have taken a lot of time and effort to perfect their search engine - the organic search is the most simple, yet most effective out there. The way that the results are so displayed is now ingrained in most web users´psyche that to modify it would ensure that Google users would rise up against it. It would also taint the ´purity´of the Google listings.

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