Have You Considered a Hybrid Blog?


Over the past few works I have been working with my colleagues at EMCOE (eMarketing Centre of Excellence) to put the finishing touches to the new website. My main responsibility has been the creation of all the content, page titles, headers and links for the site. The site has been built using a WordPress theme and we have used a couple of iStockPhotos for the images. The site only went live about 10 days' or so ago but has already had 11 pages indexed by Google - most of them our 'services pages', though 1 or 2 blog articles have already been picked up.

We like to call the site a 'hybrid blog' - it isn't a standard corporate website simply detailing company information, though neither is it a 'pure blog'. It sits in-between with the home page highlighting recent blog articles and most sub-pages featuring what the organisation has to offer. It was very important for us to build a site which presented information on our services to new, and existing clients - from 4 day courses and workshops to consultancy  - whilst also offering Internet Marketing information and resources to those who had used our services.

The really interesting (exciting?) thing is that at this very early stage Google has indexed the site on both its main search engine and on its blog search engine. Doing a search for an article I wrote on the Wales Marketing Innovation Forum on Google displays this listing on page 1:


When you move over to Google's Blog Search, the same search places not the Emcoe home page (www.emcoe.co.uk) but the Emcoe blog article (http://www.emcoe.co.uk/index.php/2007/09/13/wales-marketing-innovation-forum/) number 1 of its blog results for the phrase: Wales Marketing Innovation Forum


The curious thing is that the above article has not even been spidered by Google's main search engine yet!

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