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Every month Marketing Tom Media delivers Google Analytics training either as public courses (in both London Cardiff) or as in-house courses. And on our courses we often discuss resources that students may find of use. Here is a list of websites and web resources which I think Social Media, Analytics and CIM students may find of use.

Let's start with an obvious one - Google Analytics for Beginners from the Google Analytics Academy. You are able to sign up for the Academy where "you'll learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports, and set up dashboards and shortcuts". A really good resource which is driven by video.

If you don't have a Google Analytics account from your own organisation, or would just like to trial analytics, just over to the Google Analytics demo account page from where you can test drive a live website using GA.

Once you've got all of that set up you really should, if you haven't already, add your property to Google Search Console. It dovetails neatly into your analytics account and can give you some excellent insights. You can find out more over here.

And for just keeping up-to-date on the latest developments with analytics, head over to Google Analytics Blog. But be aware that some of the topics are for more intermediate and advanced users.

As you might expect Google has an extensive resource on its YouTube channel. These videos cover just about every aspect of Google Analytics that you could imagine. So, why not head over there and subscribe to this channel? And, guess what? It also has a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account.  Add Google+ to the equation and you have most of the social media channels wrapped up here.

Digital marketers are increasingly using tools to track the success of their campaigns. Google has created its own application called Google URL Builder which lets you add campaign parameters to existing URLs in order that you can track them within your GA results.

On our Analytics course we cover dashboards and the setting up of widgets. And we often finish off by mentioning Google Data Studio which takes your Analytics dashboards to another level with some beautiful data visualisation.

And talking of dashboards, you might want to check out Cynfe which lets you create neat business dashboards. These dashboards can pull widgets in from many business apps, like MailChimp, Xero, AdWords, Salesforce and even ... Google Analytics. It's pretty funky and I recommend you check it out.

If you're looking for ideas, tips and inspiration, groups are a really good place to hang out. The Google Analytics group on LinkedIn  has over 115,000 members and is well worth joining as it will give you useful discussions every day

For quick answers direct from Google this probably no better place than the Google analytics help section, which neatly categorises information according to the subject topic.

Here are some articles which you may also find of interest. I have tried to find those which have been published over the past year:

A Small-Business Guide to Google Analytics (Infographic) - this is a really great infographic and serves both those who are new to Analytics and those who may need a refresher.

A topic which we touch on in the course is Direct Traffic and Moz's Complete Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics makes for good reading on the subject.

Kissmetrics have a REALLY comprehensive guide to Analytics here: The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Resources for 2018.

Once you've mastered the basics of Google Analytics it may be time to take a look at Google Tag Manager and here's HubSpot's The Beginner's Guide to Google Tag Manager

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