Google Adwords Tutorial with john Battelle

I must apologise for not posting recently but I have been away on holiday and probably dedicating too much time to further developing my travel blog, Mad About Madrid. However, I will endeavour to post more frequently to this site in the coming months. First off, you may be interested in looking at how John Battelle is fairing with his first real forray into Google Adwords:

I've played around with AdWords before, just to learn about how it
works so I could write about it with some first hand knowledge. But I
was never a "real" AdWords advertiser - I didn't have anything to sell.
Sure, my publisher (and Amazon) have purchased the "John Battelle" keyword, which is great, but I had nothing to do with that.

That all changed today, when I created an account with Google and started a campaign, for real, promoting Federated Media's new ad platform.

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