Foursquare + Gap + Banner Advertising = Social Commerce?

There's been a lot of hype surrounding Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places lately and it does seem that some smart marketing tactics are starting to come to the fore. Increasingly we are moving towards these location-based social networks and becoming 'mayors' of our favourite coffee shop and receiving free coffees or discounts. Yesterday, I saw a Gap advert on Mashable that takes location-based marketing to another level by 'mashing up' banner ads with links to Foursquare. A series of rotating ads, with pictures of garments appears on the site (for males and females) and you are invited to add the garment to your Foursquare 'to do' list. But not just that. The ads are also location aware and bring up a selection of your nearest stores. When you're out shopping and select the 'Places' button on Foursquare you will be reminded of this and on entering the store you can receive 30% off the garment.

I've got to say this is such a neat idea and makes it easier for us to connect with products and services we see online in an offline world. I've got a feeling that the banner blindness may be disappearing and we will start to see these advertising spaces in a whole new light in the future. Another advantage for retailers/businesses is that once you generate a little buzz or your customers have particpated in a promotion, they are quite likely to broadcast this outcome to friends using social media apps.

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