Firefox – a viral marketing phenomena


In an article entitled Crazy like a Firefox, Rebecca Lieb says that the Firefox web browser realy is, "a kick-ass browser. It's light, stable, and almost infinitely customizable." Incidentally, it's free and its beta was only launched on Tuesday (9th November). Firefox also appears to be the most successful viral marketing campaign ever on the Internet, generating since Tuesday 1 million downloads per day!!; got 100,000 websites to display banners and buttons and, through the Firefox community raised $250,000 to get an full-page advert in the New York Times.

Looking on the Spread Firefox website I saw some of the tools that they are using to generate such publicity:

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In order to build community with college students, Firefox decided to "put out a call for a volunteer to lead a massive grassroots marketing effort targeted at college students." After an overwhelming amount of applications they decided to appoint 6 people.

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