Embedding YouTube Videos on to Your Own Site

Many of us are experimenting with YouTube videos - having identified why we should create them and then upload them on to YouTube. We are also creating channels and embedding them on to our own websites or blogs. Some of us even have strategies to get partners or affiliates to embed these videos on to 'well-trafficked' or 'well-SEO'd' sites.

Well, I came across this example earlier, whilst looking for a laptop, and thought I'd share it.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is quite a popular laptop and you will encounter it in review searches, or tech blogs and even advertised (remarketed often) through Google AdWords and others. What I was interested to see, though, was the way they packaged up the product on their website. When you visit the Yoga page, you will see ratings and reviews, along with product images but also videos which they have added to their YouTube channel and embedded in to this page to help you in the buying process. Simple but neat.


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