Email Signatures – a powerful tool

Email signatures are an incredibly powerful, yet under-utilised, tool for driving traffic to your website. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is what one looks like:

Alun John
Internet Marketing Consultant
Marketing Tom
02920 0000000

Email signatures are your way of signing off an email message and automatically appear when you hit the 'new' or 'create' message from programmes such as Outlook Express. Email signatures have the following benefits:

1. They are free
2. They are easy to set up
3. They can be modified to suit your audience
4. They can convey as much or as little information as you want

It is suprising how many companies fail to place even the most basic contact information at the end of their emails. Just think about these questions:

? Have you ever clicked on a web address in an email signature?
? Have you ever clicked on a promotional message from a client/potential client?
? Do you ever use emails to quickly identify someone's contact details - be it phone or email address?

Most people will answer 'YES' to the above and if you're not using email signatures, then you should look to start using them now.

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