Domain Registry Services – another Domain Name renewal scam

Yesterday, I received a "domain expiration notice" from a company called Domain Registry Services, based in Cambridge, UK. This company is not the registrar of my domain name yet they were asking me to send them £60 to renew the domain name. Here is the tone of the letter:

"The domain name shown above is due to expire. Please renew this domain immediately to ensure service continues uninterrupted. If payment is not made to the registry before the expiry date the domain is subject to immediate suspension and deletion without further notice from us."

Wow! Isn't this illegal?

I wrote a similar article about a company called Domain Name Registry of America: Beware! - Scam from 'Domain Name Registry of America' in April of this year. Keep an eye out for these organisations make sure to let your friends and colleagues know about them.

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2 comments on “Domain Registry Services – another Domain Name renewal scam

  1. Alun John on

    Just had this email from my Registrar Easyspace. The URL at the end could be useful:

    You may have received a letter from the "Domain Registry
    Services" entitled "Domain Expiration Notice" giving
    misleading information that your domain registration is due to
    expire and must be renewed "to avoid suspension and deletion
    of your domain". They give a false telephone number and ask
    for considerable cheque payments of between £60.00 - £270.00.

    Please do not respond to the letter as Easyspace is your
    domain name registrar. Domain Registry Services are not an
    ICANN Accredited Registrar and in no way connected to our

    You can check your Domain Registrar information by typing in
    your browser: - then type in your domain

    For more information about combating fraud please go to

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