Digital Trends For Marketers In 2015

Hootsuite has written an interesting article on the 7 trends that Social Media Marketers need to keep abreast of in 2015. I thought I'd share them with with you today.

Google will rely heavily on social media signals for SEO
Google rankings are being more heavily influenced by Social media Hootsuite reckons that SEO and Social Media peeps will need to work a lot more closely with each other to ensure "their company ranks on top in Google’s SERPs."

Content marketing will be the solution to Facebook’s algorithm change
With Facebook's new algorithm Hootusite reckon businesses need tp consider "timely posts about information that provides value to your social media audience." Those with a sophisticated content strategy are much more agile as they can "select content from their blog to feature on the business page."
Bottom line - get cracking on your content marketing.

Websites need to be more mobile-friendly
Mobile phone penetration is at 52.4% globally and we must assume that you have thought of or are thinking of optimising your website for global. You should also consider optimising social media 'media' for this, too.

The new Twitter search engine will push for Tweets to be more optimized
Twitter has launched its newest and best search engine, which allows you to search tweets from its ENTIRE index right the way back to 2006 . Hashtags, images and links are as important as ever as more optimisation can result in more queries, and more business.

Social media data will inform marketing decisions
"A recent survey conducted by Hootsuite found that 60% of global organizations struggle to turn social data into actionable tactics." They see that this year the social media marketer will become a social media analyst. And they will be using this data to "inform marketing and business decisions."

A testing culture will be implemented in all digital marketing teams
Hootsuite sees that this year we will be testing all manner of digital assets including, "landing pages, website layout, online ads and emails every day." In short A/B Testing will be carried out by everyone.

The online experience will shift to a more “human experience”
As we have seen Google and Facebook make changes which are more human, so we will see marketers create social media posts that are more relevant, providing more value to customers and making engagement more human.

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