Developing Links – Part 3

The last article discussed ways of identifying websites that you could target for links. Here, we'll look at how to go about requesting links.
Step 1 – Try and identify either the ‘submit URL’ or ‘submit site’ button on these sites. If you have to submit to a category, take your time to find the most suitable category.
Step 2 – If there are no submission pages, locate the 'Contact Us' section or email button.
Step 3 – Craft an eMail to the site giving a brief overview of what your company does (to reinforce the fact that your site belongs in their directory); copy out the page description from your meta tags and make sure you include your URL (with http://).
Step 4 – Make a note of the URL on a spreadsheet and make sure that you go back to check if the link has been included.
Step 5 – Look at creating a links section on your site, possibly as a text link on the base of the web pages (hidden away), so that you can put all the reciprocal links directories may ask you to place on your site.

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