Developing Links – part 2

The first part of developing links identified a number of ways that you could generate links within your current circle, be they suppliers, business associations or chambers of commerce. The next phase is to look ‘outside the box’ and this will certainly include analysing links to competitor web sites.

Identifying your known/unknown competitors.
1. Make a list of the competitors you know of. To help jog your memory, you could look at Yellow pages, local business directories and other similar sites.

2. Identify your unknown competitors – you could follow a similar route to step 1 but you could also enlist the help of search engines. Simply make a list of your key search words and see which websites the big search engines throw up – search on Google, Teoma, Altavista, AlltheWeb and MSN.
3. List down the URL’s of these known and unknown competitors, possibly using your Excel spreadsheet – company name, URL and date identified should suffice.

Identifying which sites link to your competitors.
The logic goes that if you can identify the sites that link to your competitors, you can ask these same sites for reciprocal links. Here’s how to check links to sites, using the top search engines:
Google - type in
Link Popularity Check: type in
AltaVista: type in
Teoma: type in
In addition, you could use Market Leap which carries out multiple searches on the top 4 search engines.

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