Developing links part 1

Why is it important to develop links?
1. You can reach some of your target audience that doesn't come in through the search engines
2. Search engines tend to rank web sites higher if they have decent links coming in to the site.

However, we’re not talking about any old links here but good quality links to relevant Web sites. As a first step, it would make sense to try and list down all the organisations or companies that you are associated with, or could be associated with.

What are we looking at here?
Try thinking about:
Web sites in your industry
Local web sites
Business web sites
Chambers of Commerce/Quality Organisations
E-business clubs
Client companies

It would be a good idea to put these categories and links into a spreadsheet that you can add to and modify over time. You could categorise them according to Web site name | URL | Date Submitted

A good indicator of the popularity of these sites can be found from Google’s ‘Page rank’ button on the Google Toolbar - if you can get listed on a web site with a page rank of 5/10, 6/10 or 7/10, so much the better.

Once you've identified the 'known' web sites from the above, you may want to start looking at the unknown web sites. This will be covered in Developing links part 2.

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