Social Media Strategy

Most companies have heard of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube but the real question is do they know how to harness the potential of this powerful new medium to both new and existing customers? Marketing Tom Media has been working in the Social Media sphere since blogging kicked off in 2004 and we were amongst the first to use Twitter. We are bloggers, tweeters and Facebookers!

Over the past few years we have helped a number of clients, many of whom enjoy a good organic and PPC presence, build solid social media platforms for their businesses. And, as we'll make quite clear to you, there is a big difference between getting your site listed on a search engine (both organically and through PPC) and engaging with your target audience through social media.

Marketing Tom Media will sit down with your organisation and analyse the business and digital objectives. We will work with your team to devise the most suitable social media strategy and the tools, individuals and processes necessary to achieve them. There are a myriad number of ways that a company can use social media and we will identify the most appropriate one.

Meet The Applications

- these are very often considered to be at the heart of your Social Media endeavours - your hub. We have experience of building blogs on a variety of platforms - TypePad, WordPress and Blogger - and understand what makes for a good blog. Having written hundred of blog articles ourselves we have a pretty good idea of what works, how to source ideas and how to save time.

Twitter - Marketing Tom has been using Twitter since early 2007 and in that time we have tweeted over 4000 times. We have been helping been develop a Twitter presence for around 2 years (once the scepticism was over!) and have shown companies how Twitter can be used as a tool for engagement, monitoring and learning ever since. Each business approaches Twitter in a different way and our job is to fid the most suitable one.

Facebook - practically every adult that we deal with has a Facebook account and now, many of them are starting to use Facebook Pages and Ads to engage their target audience and to drive new traffic through to their main sites. We help clients build Facebook Pages and advise them on how to manage and engage with their target audiences. With our expertise in Pay-per-click management we also help them set up targeted Facebook ads.

How We Work

It is critical that we get a clear picture of your company, its competitors and the industry you work in. We also like to know how your company works and the people behind it. We achieve this by holding a kick-off meeting at your offices, with the key personnel involved, and with the aim of gathering as much informaton as possible. We will then develop a strategy which suits the needs of your organisation, taking into account your people, budget and restrictions.

We are quite flexible in the way we work with clients on implementing the strategy. There are two main approaches we offer clients to implement this strategy:

  1. Firstly, we provide the solution for you. We will source articles and update blogs, we will add tweets to your twitter stream, we will add new content to Facebook and post new images and videos to Flickr and YouTube respectively. In addition we can polish up your LinkedIn profiles and participate in forums and social media groups. This solution is ideal if your staff don't have the time or the necessary skills to update these social media channels.
  2. Many organisations are quite comfortable with updating their social media channels themselves and use us more as consultants. In this capacity we will hold fairly regular meetings with your core team and analyse how effectively you have used social media. We will offer advice on how to improve the use of the various tools and to make you aware of any new developments/applications in Social Media.

What To Do Next

If you would like to discuss your social media strategy, please give us a call on 02920 005 778. Alternatively, send us an email.