Digital Marketing Strategy

For many organisations the approach to Digital Marketing is be tactical. They have heard of Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords and Email Marketing and immediately start using these tools, without considering how appropriate and to what degree they should be using them. At Marketing Tom our approach is different: we analyse your business, your competitors and your industry before we even think about tactical tools.

Corporate Training EventsFor over 8 years we have been helping businesses from a diverse range of industries achieve a competitive edge over their rivals. With a deep understanding of both the online customer and the vast array of Digital Marketing tools available, we have been able to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of extra revenue for our clients and, for many, to save them vast amounts, too.

Our Approach
Each client requires a different approach and a critical part of each project is to sit down with the client to understand their market, customers and competitors. We also spend time carrying out desktop research to ensure we have a 360°view of your business and the environment it operates in before coming up with a tailored Internet Marketing Strategy.

Our approach to Digital Marketing Strategy looks at all aspects of the process from, research, to recommendations, implementation and monitoring. We cover the following areas:

  • Research into your target market, industry and competitors.
  • Audit of your current online capabilities - looking at how you're using the internet, your website and use of other digital channels.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy creation - creating plans that meet your budgets, resources and timescales.
  • Implementation of digital strategies - Marketing Tom Media implements and works with specialists to develop strategies. Our work covers SEO, PPC (Google AdWords, Facebook) and Social Media Marketing (blogging, Twitter, Facebook) . We often work with web developers, graphic designers, link builders and online PR specialists who we can trust to deliver the best solution for our clients.
  • Monitoring - we will help you analyse how effective these campaigns have been using both on-site and off-site analysis.

Sectors We Cover
We have experience working with clients from sectors as diverse as: hotels, educational establishments, professional coaching, power generation, outdoor activities, labelling industry, finance sector, dentistry, travel and payroll. We have worked with SME's, manufacturing companies, FE colleges, local and Welsh Assembly government departments and developed strategies with people of all disciplines within these organisations.

All too often companies devise Digital Marketing plans which are unrealistic and inappropriate for their business or industry; quite often they are too ambitious. Our approach is different and the strategies that we develop take into account your organisation's resources, budgets and timescales. We believe that Digital Marketing Strategies have to be realistic and achieveable and with every client we make sure that these strategies are broken down into manageable mini-projects.

Continual Improvement
Unlike many of our competitors we believe in testing the strategies that we devise for our clients. That is why we:

  • are constantly tweaking our SEO strategies for getting trafic to our own site through the search engines;
  • have developed our own blogs and written over 1,000 articles for them;
  • we join groups, create pages and set up ad campaigns on Facebook;
  • run Google AdWord campaigns to drive traffic to our sites;
  • use RSS on Google, Firefox, Blackberry and other devices and applications;
  • use a Twitter account and applications like Twhirl, Tweetdeck and Blackberry devices to update them;
  • advise 3rd-party developers to test out new plug-ins and applications.

In addition to this, and on a daily basis, we read RSS feeds, magazine articles and blogs to identify the tools that will be most suitable to delivering outstanding ROI to our clients. You will also find us attending events like Search Engine Strategies, LeWeb, Technology for Marketing and Internet World to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments.

Over the past few years Marketing Tom Media has developed close ties with web designers and developers whose skills we know will deliver certain elements of projects where we don't have the expertise. Our reputation hangs on the quality of these companies and on us helping our clients make the right chocies; therefore, we only work with people whose work we can rely on and who we know will deliver the right solution.

What Next?
To discuss the development of your Digital Marketing strategy with Marketing Tom Media, simply complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch with you immediately.