Business Blogging

Most of the top companies in the world are now blogging and for the past couple of years businesses have begun to see huge benefits in blogging, or even allowing their employees to blog. In an age where consumer generated content is the rage, look at YouTube and Flickr as examples, and where youngsters are using sites such as Facebook and MySpace, it's only natural that companies have found find their online voice and are communicating with their customers and the market. Blogs are one of the most effective online mediums for that.

We have been successfully blogging for over 6 years and have gained a broad understanding of the needs of businesses when it comes to this exciting medium. In order to offer high-quality blogging solutions we have teamed up with some of the best blogging coders and designers we know. They are people who build exciting blog solutions that drive traffic to customer websites. We can offer clients the following:

  1. Building blogs - generally speaking the main platform that we favour is WordPress - an Open Source platform which is extremely scalable and flexible, allowing us to build the highest quality blogging solutions for SME's and large corporations. Our designers and coders will ensure that your corporate brand is enahnced by an industry-leading blog design. We also have experience porting blogs from other platforms such as TypePad, Blogger and applications.
  2. Writing copy - writing copy for blogs can be markedly different to writing for other online and offline mediums. It often has to function on a variety of levels: engagement, sales, announcements, teaching, observations and much more. We can either act as an extension of your marketing and Pr department and write articles for your company or act as advisers on how best to write blogs. Couple with the fact that the WordPress platform is recognised as the best blogging platform for SEO we feel sure that we can get your blog articles picked up on search engines and read by the people that matter.
  3. Sourcing Content and Developing Community - we can help companies set up processes which will allow them to access content which is relevant to their business. In addition, we will show them how to use trackbacks, Technorati tags and other tools to build their 'community'.

Some of the top companies are now starting to leverage the power of blogs and use it as a key element in their online marketing mix. If you're not already doing so, now may be the time to start considering it.

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