Coke Blog Gets Rumbled

Adrants has an interesting, entitled Coke Lies, Misleads with  Fake 'Zero' Blog article about how Coca Cola created a fake blog promoting the Zero Movement:

"which a guy rants about why life is so full of stuff to do and how it would be so much nicer if there was, well, zero to do."

The blog, which they say is written in typical creative style, initially, had no mention of Coke at all and even had fake, supportive comments. What's more:

"While the blog's archives indicate the site's been up since June, 2005, Whois information tells
a very different story. Not only does the information reveal the site
is a product of Coke, it clearly states the domain for the site was
registered November 21, 2005, a full five months after the site,
according to its archives, launched.

Just to make sure, Adrants checked both Technorati and BlogPulse and found no record of earlier postings. It would appear that to counter neagitive reaction they have placed a Coke Zero bottle on the home page. Adrants states what many of us think about this form of cynical advertising:

"In creating The Zero Movement, Coke has lied, misled and
misrepresented. Some would call this reprehensible and irresponsible.
We'll just call it stupid.

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