Interesting Tweets from Twitter’s UK SME Account

Struggling for ideas on what to tweet? Then, why not use Twitter's calendar for some inspiration?

 Or how about turning customer conversations into sales? Follow the link above to discover Twitter's Flock to Unlock tool.

Are you using Twitter Analytics? Well, check to see what you're missing.

And finally, if you're looking to promote your products and services you may want to watch this video on how to create Website Cards.

Happy tweeting!

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How To Generate Some Buzz on Twitter

easyjet2As many of you are aware the World Cup is going on in Brazil and things are not going too well for England - played two, lost two. The only hope for England is if Italy beat Costa rica in their second game of the group today. An Italy win is crucial to keeping England in the World Cup - at least until the next round of games!

To this end EasyJet have come up with the idea of trying to get their fan base to show their support for Italy. They are invited to take a selfie of themselves and publish it with the hashtag #shadesofblue on Facebook or on Twitter. Winners will be offered a free trip to Italy.


It's certainly a simple idea which they hope will lead to retweets and increased chatter around this topic.

Are You Ready For Twitter’s New Profile Pages?

Twitter has recently launched its new Twitter profile pages (April 22nd to be exact). The layout profile pages mean that Twitter is now following the same path as Facebook, LinkedIn and others. For those of us who use Twitter from our desktop device (not often in my case) we tend to rarely check our own profiles as we are more interested in tweets from people we follow BUT we do tend to check the profile pages of others -either those we follow or are about to follow. Profiles offer us a glimpse into who the person is, what they do, believe in, look like and tweet about. If you have a business/brand profile, you allow people to view the brand and supply a link to your brand assets (website or other social media channel).

So, let's take a look at what we now have.

Twitter header - the new header allows you to upload an image of 1500 x 500 pixels. It follows a similar approach to that adopted by Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. This gives you a chance to display what your brand represents or to display products and services according to cale


The profile photos (see above) have been enlarged to 400 x 400 pixels, which means that you may need to revisit your pic again. You will also notice that we have location and link (as before) but we also have the date you joined Twitter. And underneath is the Tweet to button (same as before).  Editing your core profile details is much simpler now and be done by clicking the 'Edit Profile' button underneath the header. Notice how you can change header and profile pics, bio information and change theme colours. Backgrounds need to be changed in settings and only apply to your viewing space (tweets, notications, ext) but not to your profile page.


Pinned tweets - Twitter now gives you the ability to pin your favourite tweets (or those that teach, inform, sell your product/company/brand/event) to the top of the page - much like Facebook.

First Lady Twitter

— Twitter Support (@Support) April 8, 2014

Filtered Tweets is another new option - which allows you to select two different views - Tweets or Tweets and Replies. This is something that was available for you to view for some accounts under the old profile pages. It could come in handy for your own Twitter management or to explore tweets of other organisations (possibly competitors).
Twitter Profile Filters

Both the "Followers" and "Following" sections have undergone a redesign, which now allows the profile pics and bios of these accounts to be more prominently displayed, which I think is a nice addition and makes it look much more attractive. The Photos/Videos section has undergone s similar makeover and makes it look much more appealing and easier to view.

Beer, Bingo and the Power of User-Generated Content

George Osborne revealed his budget last week and it signalled, amongst other things, a 1p cut in beer duty and a 10% cut (or a having) in bingo duty. Recognising this as an opportunity to spread the good news Grant Schapps, Tory Party Chairman, created an ad with an image of said 'good news' and asked his followers to ReTweet. He obviously wasn't aware of how viral his ad would get and the opportunity this would give to many people to parody the message and spread it far and wide.


Here's one of the parodies from Labour Party activist Duncan Hothersall:


And one from a disgruntled law graduate:


And another from actor, David Schneider:


So, I suppose the simple message is to think very carefully before you publish anything humorous on Social Media platforms. Take a break, have a cup of tea and decide whether it is a good idea to hit the ' Tweet Me' button.

The Benefit of Twitter to SME’s (SMB’s)

I just came across this interesting (August, 2013) infographic that was created by Market Probe International for Twitter. The survey interviewed 500 people over 18 years of age from the US and UK and who currently follow SME's on Twitter. If you're an SME, you may find the results of relevance.

Twitter SME Infographic

Useful Tools for Using Twitter

Twitter is one of the topics we cover in most depth on the Social Media Courses that we run. And there are so many things that you can do with it apart from tweeting! Here are some tools that I think you may find quite useful.

If you're getting annoyed at receiving retweets from the people you follow, just head over to their profiles and turn of retweets from that person.


This is a pretty neat one. If you'd like to search the tweets of a particular user for certain time periods, try typing this into the search box on Twitter: "from:username since:2009-08-09 until:2009-08-31"from-and-to

If there are certain tweets you like and would like to embed into a blog article, news piece or pretty much any web media, you can click on the 'more' button underneath the tweet and select 'embed tweet'. Copy the code and paste it where you wish (it's also clickable) embed-tweet

Whenever you wish to embed all tweets from a particular user and have them appearing on your website (possibly as a sidebar item), you just head over to the user's profile and select 'embed profile'.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.51.55

Customise it the way you would like on Twitter (limited), copy the code and embed it on your own site.widget

Who Are the Kings of Social Customer Care in the UK?

Social Media has really turned customer care on its head. The way that we, as customers, now look for support from companies is changing, where, how and to whom we turn to get help. We used to believe that customer care issues could be handled in terms of weeks, days or hours but new social media has turned this into minutes - responses in real-time.

We should be aware that there are many challenges to developing an effective online social customer care strategy. Forbes magazine, in an article entitled Social Customer Care: Before Jumping In, Make Sure You Can Swim recognises that one of the biggest challenges is the need for real-time response.

Businesses are used to reviewing reports detailing issues from 30-60-90 days ago; a social complaint can compress that timeline to 30-60-90 seconds ago.

They go on to say that:

Some companies are using social channels to resolve customer concerns and questions publicly, while others prefer to take social feedback offline and route customer to phones or online chats. Some are investing in social-listening tools and vendors, while others are creating in-house social-care teams.

Well, in this age of rapid response, how are some of the companies in the UK faring? Guy Stephens is Managing Consultant, Social Customer Care at IBM and has created a pretty neat leaderboard of UK Twitter Social Customer Care Leaders. Number 1 in the charts is Tesco, closely followed by Sainsbury's. Are there here that surprise you.

UK Twitter Leaderboard Social Customer Care

Using Pinterest for Engagement (and fun!)

If you're looking at new ways to use Pinterest to engage your audience, read on. I was checking out the Moz Google Plus page today (Moz, accordining to CrunchBase provides analytics software to track all of a website’s inbound marketing efforts—search marketing, link building, social media, and brand mentions—on one platform) and a competition that they were holding on Pinterest caught my eye.

Moz Google Plus

In order to further engage customers and potential customers they were holding a Halloween costume competition. All you had to do was vote on your favourite costume by clicking the like button on Pinterest (or sharing it on other Social Media platforms).


In addition, they used both Facebook Moz Facebook

and Twitter

to signpost people to this Pinterest competition BUT neither their blog or LinkedIn updates had any mention of it (this is where business takes place!).