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Apple Introduces The iPhone 4G

Yesterday at the Apple Web Developers' Conference in San Francisco Steve Jobs introduced the latest iPhone, 4GS. The latest iPhone is thinner, and slicker (naturally), than its 3GS predecessor and features Face Time which allows you to do front-facing video conferencing. The new software for the iPhone is called iOS4 and will be available for 3GS users from 21st June. It does include 100 new and upgraded features, like multi tasking and folder management but doesn't offer you (3GS users) Face Time. Here's the official video:

Mobile Advertising And iTunes

I quite like this use of mobile advertising that appears within the Independent iPhone app. It invites you to click on the ad, which takes you to the iTunes store, and invites you to buy the latest Keri Hilson song for 99p. Pretty neat, eh.

Mobile Advertising And iTune

Apple’s iPad – The Official Video (Honestly!)

You have obviously heard the hype surrounding the iPad. Probably heard people's issues with it. Well, here is the official video from Apple, which features the key designers behind the product. There's one line in this video which really struck me and it comes from Jonathan Ive, Senior Designer at Apple (and British to boot). He says that:

I don't have to change myself to fit the product, it fits me.

Let me know what you think about Apple's latest product and if you're thinking of buying the iPad, tell me what your main motivations for doing so are

Advergaming, The iPhone And Mobile Advertising

Before I write this post I would like to add a disclaimer - I do not spend my day playing games on the iPhone - I do, however, carry out a bit of research! This week whilst previewing the best apps for an iPhone on Mashable, I thought I would also check out some of the best iPhone games. Having downloaded and tried them out (as one does) I was so surprised - and very interested - to find the ways that advertisers had managed to occupy my iPhone viewing space. Here are 3 examples - two from games and one from a webpage:

The first is an ad placed on the menu screen for Sudoku. These ads rotate on a fairly frequent basis and the company that seems to be publishing them is called AdMob.


The next bit of advertising comes within a game itself. The game is called Real Racing GTI and, as you may have guessed, features VW's GtI cars. As you whiz around the track you are bombarded with a plethora of 'advertising hoardings' pushing the 2010 GTI, along with advertising from Bosch and Pirelli.It's pretty neat actually. Here's a video on YouTube which features both car and game.


And finally, here is some mobile advertising that is displayed on the Hi5 Social Network. You will notice if you look closely that the AdMob company is advertising the Tom Tom. This company, it may interest you to know, has just been taken over by Google!



iPhone Thoughts

Just got the new iPhone from Orange. Very pleased with it so far. Would love to know what people use their iPhones for, apart from the obvious, and would be especially interested to hear which of the Social Media apps they may be using. Just for your infoatipn this article is being drafted from Typepad's iPhone app. Yeyy!

Pizza Hut And iPhone Offer A Glimpse Of The Future

The folks at Pizza Hut have come up with a great new way of ordering your pizza. Simply fire up your Pizza Hut App on your iPhone and design your pizza - using your fingers can 'squeeze' to reduce the size or stretch them to increase the size. Drag the ingredients you want and drop them on to your pizza and visually see how your pizza looks. I've got say it's a fun app and it does seem to have generated a lot of buzz and some sales. It does though offer a glimpse of what we may experience when mobile apps meet ecommerce.

Apple’s iPhone – A Look Under The Bonnet

You've probaly all heard the hype surrounding the new iPhone 3G S and may even be considering buying one. Well, if you're not yet sure or if you need a little more information, take a look at this video from Telegraph Gadgets. Some of the features - speed, landscape keyboard, 3mb pixel camera and video, along with search and tethering (you'll find out!) - may just push you over the edge!

The iPhone as a Game Changer

I was just reading an article in the Guardian, entitled Why the iPhone is giving Apple telephone-number profits, and came across a very interesting observation by the author John Naughton:

The significance of the iPhone - as regular readers know - lies in its operating system. It's really a powerful Unix computer that fits into the palm of your hand. That means it can run very sophisticated software - such as a browser that actually makes it feasible to read web pages and even books on a small screen. Add to this the fact that it is also permanently connected to the internet and you have what the rest of the industry is starting to recognise as a game changer.

He further goes on to say that:

Actually, the PC business is also beginning to wake up to the threat of the iPhone. How come? Well it turns out that iPhone users make less use of their laptops and desktop computers. The reason is obvious when you think about it: much of what we do on the net is pretty routine - checking email, accessing websites, Googling, accessing Facebook or Twitter. If you can do all that without booting up a computer, why bother?

This really got me thinking. I have just spent the past two weeks in Spain on holidays and didn't even bother to take my laptop with me. I took my Blackberry Curve with me and that was it. Over the course of the 14 days that I was there I made a number of telephone calls, SMS'd a number of times and wrote dozens of emails all from the device. I was able to arrange meetings, book some people down for a course and even spoke to two people in Finland and Hungary about some new work! The latter actually had their calls routed through to me using Skype.

For me a lot of my (and I'm sure your) working day is spent phoning, emailing and researching information - all the things that I can achieve through my Blackberry. However, in Spain the device was mainly used for Tweeting - observations on the trip and to replying to people. I suppose that for the first time I didn't actually miss the laptop, though I did pop in to an internet cafe on occasion and did use the MacBook Pros in Fnac and El Corte Inglés to Tweet and do some 'research'. On the second week I met up with @petezin and @netoratonand @virgula for a drink and chat about Social Media in Lateral and they were using a mixture of Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia to update friends, take pictures and receive emails. I suppose you could call it Spanish Social Media Mobility!

Probably, the only thing that held me back from using the Blackberry more in Madrid - to download files, use other apps and even upload images - was the thought of how big my phone bill would be when I got back to the UK!

Seth Godin On Tribes, Email, Twitter, iPod and Even His Name

Here's an interesting interview by Loic Le Meur, of Seesmic fame, with Seth Godin. There are interesting little nuggets for marketers throughout this interview. Enjoy!