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Google facts and fiction

Hear are some home truths, and untruths, on Google, straight from the horse's mouth!

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Google Toolbar in Spanish – released

Google has recently launched its Google Toolbar in Spanish. The toolbar is positioned immediately beneath the address bar in your Internet browser and gives you quick access to Google's search facilities. In addition, it will stop pop ups (hurray!) and give you information on any web site's page rank on Google. The Spanish version allows you to select the Spanish-speaking country whose results you would like to receive, be it Spain, Argentina, Mexico, etc.

Download Google Toolbar in Spanish

Google – some great tools

This is an interesting page within Google. It gives you explanations of 'cached pages', 'similar pages' and even such things as a links checker and calculator:

Google Web Search Features

What Meta Information Are My Competitors Using?

To find out the meta information that your competitors are using, simply go to their Web pages and then click View > Source (on the Internet Explorer menu) and look for description or keywords (if they’re not clearly visible, try Control+F). If you're using Safari, you will need to go to Develop > Show Page Source.  Don't forget that Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking.

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If you're looking to find out if your site is listed on Google, type in
Should you wish to know how many of your pages are listed within Google, type in the following: