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Google Adwords – useful tutorials

If you've thought of using Google AdWords to drive traffic to your site, you really should have a look at these on-line tutorials at the Google site. They cover virtually everything you need to know to get an AdWords up and running. Before you start, it may be an idea to type in some keywords into Google that you expect your target audiencce may use - just to get an idea of what your potential opposition is using and to get you in the right frame of mind.

Getting Started with Google AdWords
Keyword Matching Tutorial
Understanding Conversion Tracking

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Orange and Vodafone to display Overture search engine links

Overture, owned by Yahoo!, has just announced that it will shortly be displaying its paid search engine listings through the WAP services of both Orange and Vodafone, the largest mobile phone operators in the UK. This offers a completely new marketing channel for Overture to reach its audience.

Overture reaches out to UK mobiles

Yahoo! launches a new paid inclusion programme

In the last couple of days Yahoo! has announced a new paid inclusion programme. Coming fast on the heels of its decision to terminate its relationship with Google, the new programme will allow subscribers to be quickly indexed by Inktomi, FAST, AltaVista and obviously Yahoo! The programme is called "Site Match", is powered by Overture, a Yahoo! subsidiary and will cost $49 per URL (the more URL's, the cheaper the cost). There are a few catches to all of this, though and they are:

1. You must pay (shock, horror!!) a clickthrough rate each time your entry is clicked - starting off at $0.15
2. You pay a price for each page, not URL, that is added to the index

Here are the benefits as listed on the Site Match FAQ page:

? A fast and easy submission process
? Minimal account management, saving you valuable time
? A single point of submission into a database that powers search results for multiple engines and portals, including Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb and others, providing access to over 75 percent* of active Internet users.
? Content refreshed every 48 hours, ensuring that your most up-to-date pages are in the database
? A quality review process that provides search users with highly relevant results, as well as additional targeted leads to the Web sites approved for inclusion in the database
? High return on investment (ROI) with a low annual subscription fee and cost-per-click pricing model
? A dedicated account representative and convenient XML feed for advertisers submitting 1,000 or more Web pages

I have taken a look at a couple of the search engine forums and the response does seem to be mixed. The Search Engine Optimization Forum on Creat8asite Forums has some interesting postings regarding the subject.

Microsoft eyes up Google!

Search Engine Watch has an interesting link, entitled Gates On Google : We WILL Catch Them!, which takes you to Webmasterworld. Many of the contributors make some interesting observations and predictions on what the future holds for Google and MSN. Let's just hope that some of them will never come true!

BBC buys Google Adwords related to the ‘Hutton Inquiry’

The Guardian has an interesting article on how the BBC bought search words relating to the 'Hutton Inquiry' in the 48 hours running up to the release of the report. Subsequently, the BBC was heavily criticised when the report came out and 2 of the corporation's top men have already resigned. Though it does raise the question of whether UK license payers' money should be used for this purpose, it is very interesting to see how organisations like the BBC have identified the value in this form of advertising.

FAST and Ask Jeeves – paid inclusion

I have used the Inktomi, Fast and Ask Jeeves paid inclusion programmes for my clients and must say that Inktomi drives much more traffic to client sites than the other two. However, there may be other factors at work here, like target markets, geographic location, etc. Fast  provides search results to these search engines, whilst Ask Jeeves provides results for these.

As with Inktomi, FAST reckons they will index your site within 72 hours and refresh your the site every 48 hours. Ask Jeeves says that sites will be included within a week and will be refreshed every week, too. Both offer a 1 year subscription and reporting on clickthroughs.Here are some of the resellers for these programs: Positiontech, I Need Hits or Lycos InSite.

Inktomi – paid search engine inclusion

In a previous posting I detailed the search engines which offered free submissions to their index. Inktomi, which powers some of the major search engines, offers a paid inclusion service for visitors.
Which ones? Here is a list of them from one of Inktomi's resellers - Postion Tech

As it can take some time to get listed (up to 6 weeks) with Inktomi, it may well be worth forking out the $39 to get your site listed within 48 hours. Payment includes a subscription for 1 year, with your page being refreshed every 48 hours. Inktomi doesn’t sell this service directly to clients but through resellers. These resellers offer pretty decent control panels which will display how effective your site has been over a given time period.

Overture secures deal with MSN

It appears that Overture has secured a deal to provide MSN with paid search listings until June 2005. The most important MSN sites are the UK and the USA, but with MSN's global reach the potential to tap in to new markets must be very exciting.

Overture Locks in MSN

Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool

Wow! This is a really great tool. It allows you to find specific keywords for your search word, related keywords and even keywords for different countries and languages. Here's the URL:

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions

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