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Ex-Spanish President uses Google to find work (or not!)

I just came across an interesting article from Spain, entitled Aznar Using Google AdSense to get a job which says that a Google ad had appeared offering the services of ex-Spanish President José María Aznar. However, it does look like the Google-approved ad had nothing to do with the Spanish ex-president and the campaign has been stopped.

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Aznar, un falso señuelo publicitario en la red
Aznar, un falso señuelo publicitario en la red

Are you a ‘Sophisticated’ Search Marketer?

Pamela Parker in an article entitled Most Search Marketers Unsophisticated, discusses the findings of a recent Jupiter Research survey on Search Marketing. This research suggests that search marketers can be categorised as "Sophisticates" and "Unsophisticates"; the former being those who 'bid on keywords based on historical data or cost of goods sold, and measured performance at the keyword or keyword group level.'

The report found that of the 538 marketing correspondents only one quarter fell into the "Sophisticates" category and that they tended to be people with direct marketing experience and 2.5 - 3 years' experience in search marketing. Interestingly, retailers, financial services companies, communications firms and education providers fell into the "Sophisticates" category, with computer companies, travel companies, healthcare companies and professional services firms following into the "Unsophisticates" category.

Visit the Google University at Internet World North

On the 3rd and 4th November, Manchester (UK) will host Internet World North, which bills itself as "the only event in the North of England and Scotland for the internet professional". The event features Google University which offers attendees the chance to learn more about using Google Adwords and is delivered by Google experts. Other seminars include:
Effective Email Marketing - How to optimise email marketing to get maximum results
Michelle Hocking, Retail Director, Cheetahmail
Achieving ROI with a Content Management system
Nigel Jackson, CEO, Immediacy
CASE STUDY - How to Effectively Run A Search Campaign - Building Your Business With Search Advertising
Ian Carrington, Head of B2C Vertical Market Group, Google
In order to get in to Internet World North, you must register and the same applies for Google University and other seminars.

How NOT To Write Online Ads

This article by James Hering put a smile on my face this morning: Why I Love Online Badvertising

Briefly, these are the gems that he cites can be found in bad adverts:

  • Develop your message with absolutely no conceptual idea.
  • Load the ad with lots of really annoying flashing colors
  • Cram as many words as possible into a small space
  • Use abbreviations and code words to slam even more words in there
  • Let's not bother with a clear call to action.

Google Adwords Tips from the Google team

If you're looking for advice on how to maximise the effectiveness of your Google Adwords campaign, then you will find this PDF from the Google team - The Maximum Effect - very useful. Google has compiled a 41-page document offering the best tips on Google Adwords after having studied thousands of Adwords campaigns. Here's a taste of what can be found within it:

Chapter 1 – Setting Goals
Chapter 2 – Selecting Keywords (A four-step process)
Chapter 3 – Developing Ads
Chapter 5 – Tracking Results
Chapter 6 – Optimizing Again

An essential guide for those new to Adwords and an interesting read for those who already have experience with Adwords.

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Google Adwords and Jakob Nielsen

Most people know that about Google Adwords - they are the adverts that often appear on the right-hand side of Google search results. Companies usually create their own Google Adwords, unless they have big enough budgets and Google will help them create this, and they only pay when an advert is clicked on. In most cases the more you pay the higher you get, though companies who have written good adverts that are clicked on are rewarded by Google and can appear above those who have paid more.

It is worth considering what Jakob Nielsen (, the web usability expert, has to say on Google Adwords in an article he wrote way back in September 2001: ".. I have always maintained that search engines are the exception to the Web advertising rule. There are two reasons for this:
"Search engines are the only type of site that users visit with the explicit intention of finding somewhere else to go as quickly as possible.
? Because they know what users are looking for, search engines can target ads to a user's current navigation goals.
? Displaying an ad for something that the user immediately wants is much more powerful than targeting ads based on general user profiling and demographics. "

Most of the observations from the article - Designing Web Ads Using Click-Through Data - are still relevant today.

Paid Search Advertising Fraud and How To Overcome It

John Carreras is President of Impact Displays, Inc, a company which provides Trade Show Displays, Exhibits, and Booths. His company uses paid search advertising, like Overture, to drive traffic to their site. Whilst at a trade show he noticed that all his competitors were there, he also found that his clickthrough traffic dropped by one-half to two-thirds of pre-show activity. Sure that this was not a coincidence he started to do some investigating. Read this interesting article, with accompanying spreadsheet!, to find out how he managed to identify and overcome this problem:How to Stop Click Fraud (Or at Least Get a Refund)

Paid Search Engine Listings and the Importance of Ranking

According to digital marketers Atlas DMT there can be huge differences in positions 1 and 2 on Google's paid search listings. The report points out that someone in position 1 could be receiving as much as ten times more traffic than the person in position 10. There could be a 40% drop in traffic between number 1 position and number 2.

However, on Overture "Taking the number two spot is a better strategy on Overture than it is on Google." See what Janis Mara has to say in the Clickz article Study: Size May Not Matter, But Ranking Does

£50 voucher for Google AdWords (UK Only)

If you're based in the UK, you may be interested in a Google AdWords incentive which gives new companies who sign up for the service £50 worth of Google AdWords for FREE. The offer lasts until the 15th August. You simply need to type in your company name and address and wait for a voucher to come through by post.

For a limited period (in November 2007) Google is now offering a £30 AdWords Voucher 

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