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If like you run AdSense on your website (like me), and you've seen sharp drops in revenue, you may be wondering how you can maximise your AdSense returns. Well, GreyWolf's SEO blog has some good tips for both novice and intermediate level AdSense publishers.

Google Adwords Seminars in the USA

I was just reading the Inside AdWords blog and came across some details of some seminars which may be of interest to some of my US-based subscribers. According to Inside AdWords:

a new series of AdWords Seminars being offered by search marketing professionals who are also Qualified Invididuals in the Google Advertising Professionals program.

Looking on the AdWords Seminars' page, I found that the last remaining venues are: Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, San  Francisco and New Jersey/New York. They will all be held in November and cost around $249 for a full day and $149 for an afternoon session (including a $50 Google AdWords Voucher). Better than spending money on a PPC consultant, I'm sure!

Looks Like Google Has Launched Click To Call in the UK

Whilst over at Search Engine Roundtable I noticed an article which says that Google may have launched Click 2 Call in the UK. This comes about 7 months after I talked about it on this blog. Here's a screen grab of one of the adwords:


On clicking the adword, you don't get taken to the destination site but simply add your phone details on the Google results page:


Google Adwords Tutorial with john Battelle

I must apologise for not posting recently but I have been away on holiday and probably dedicating too much time to further developing my travel blog, Mad About Madrid. However, I will endeavour to post more frequently to this site in the coming months. First off, you may be interested in looking at how John Battelle is fairing with his first real forray into Google Adwords:

I've played around with AdWords before, just to learn about how it
works so I could write about it with some first hand knowledge. But I
was never a "real" AdWords advertiser - I didn't have anything to sell.
Sure, my publisher (and Amazon) have purchased the "John Battelle" keyword, which is great, but I had nothing to do with that.

That all changed today, when I created an account with Google and started a campaign, for real, promoting Federated Media's new ad platform.

Small Businesses Increase Spending on Internet Advertising

According to a survey of 700 small and midsize businesses by Boston-based Yankee Group, Internet Advertising has soared over the past year. According to senior analyst Sanjeev Aggarwal,

"..small and midsize businesses are using services from Google and Yahoo that allow potential customers to search for businesses within specific Zip codes.

The whole notion of using the Internet for local advertising has become much more common, espcially for small businesses like beauty salons and restaurants that serve a local market.”

The company reckons that advertising shot up 50% to $1.3 billion.

Via: Small Businesses Spending More on Internet Advertising, Tech (

Google Adwords Changes the Size of Fonts

Not sure if anyone's noticed but it would look like Google has changed the size of the 'headline' font for their Google Adwords. I think this happened over the last couple of days. Google Adsense publishers should pay attention and adjust their adverts accordingly. I would say that this obviously means that Google will generate more revenue with larger font sizes or am I being cynical and it is actually designed to aid usability!



Search Google Sponsored Listings

Here is a neat little tool to search the Google Adsense Advertisers for a given word:

Search Google Sponsored Listings

Yahoo! Rolls Out Its Version of Adsense

On Wednesday Yahoo! rolled out the beta version of its version of Adsense - tailored to he needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The idea, like Google Adsense, is that publishers (like will be able to access Yahoo!'s products and content through a self-serve platform and, obviously, receive commission as a result of it. It has been rumoured for some time that Yahoo! was working on a contextual ad solution to rival Googl'es Adsense programme. According to ZDNet:

"...the service is designed to let publishers access Yahoo's ad
products and content through a self-serve platform. The company said
the beta offering will be available in the U.S. only through invitation.

With this move, Yahoo is entering a territory that has been dominated by rival Google, which provides text-only ads to small content sites, including blogs."

The "invitation-only" beta is something that Gmail offered initially to test its new product - as did Typepad. Microsoft is also following suit and according to WebProNews it will be inviting 500 advertisers and marketers to participate in MSN Keywords.

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Google Heat Maps & Other Adsense Optimization Tips

Google Adsense, the tool for Google Publishers, has  a really neat tool which gives people advice on the best locations to place Google Adwords on their own sites. The Google "Heat Map" displays areas on a sample page layout, with strong orange colours depicting the best performance areas and weaker orange colours poorer areas. Here is what Google has to say:

"All other things being equal, ad placements above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold. Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page."

Other Optimization Tips for Google Adsense are that wider ad formats outperform taller ones as they allow people to read ads more comfortably.

"The formats we've found to be the most effective are the 336x280 large rectangle , the 300x250 inline rectangle , and the 160x600 wide skyscraper."

Google reckons that colours that stand out without overshadowing your content are better than those that blend in with the site. Google says that whatever you do, the colour scheme should complement your site and here's an interesting tip:

"Also, rotating color palettes is a simple way to add variety and freshness to your ads. All you need to do is hold down the Control key and select up to four color palettes when generating your ad code in the Ad layout code page of your account."

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