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New Digital Marketing Courses For The Spring

Here are some of the new courses that we have added for the upcoming months.

CAM Diploma In Digital Marketing

The CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing is one of the major digital marketing qualifications around. As an Accredited CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Centre, we have been successfully delivering this course for the past 2 years. These are the upcoming courses we are going to offer.

Digital Marketing Essentials - 31st March and 1st April, 2011

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour - 18th and 19th April, 2011

Digital Marketing Planning - 5th and 6th May

Social Media Marketing

This is without doubt our most popular 1-day workshop and we have delivered it across the UK for the past 3 years and to over 300 individuals. If you want to find out more about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, blogs and much more, sign up for the course today.

London Workshop - 13th April

Cardiff Workshop - 11th May

Google AdWords

Marketing Tom Media is pleased to announce our new 2-day Google AdWords masterclass. Working in association with one of the country's leading Google AdWords companies, we have devised a programme designed to take your Adwords campaigns to another level.

Google AdWords Masterclass - 7th and 8th April

Google AdWords Goes For Longer Headline Options

Have you noticed some recent changes to Google AdWords listings? Well, last week Google started to roll out longer headlines on their ads. Instead of having your customary 25 characters for the headlines, it is now starting to deliver up to 60 characters for the headline. The secret here, though is to make sure that you use the right punctuation on the second line (question mark or full stop/period). And, in true Blue Peter fashion, here's one I created earlier!

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Social Media Is Great But Have You Put The Basics In Place?

As anyone who reads this blog and follows me on Twitter and Facebook will know, I am a big advocate of Social Media . I deliver training courses and provide consultancy for clients on Social Media. I read about it every single day of the week and use its applications alll the time. I've bought the book and wear the t-shirt. However, I also believe that companies need to learn to walk before you they can run. Quite a few businesses and organisation have asked me about developing Social Media strategies, yet so many of them lack the basic foundation blcoks of an Internet and Digital Marketing presence. They have heard the magic words, "Twitter" and "Facebook" and want to jump head first this brave, new world. However, I would caution against jumping straight in.

Before you can run with Social Media, make sure that you can walk with the following:


  • is it built according to the needs of your target audience?
  • have you created a strong navigation system and added calls to action?
  • do your customers know what you expect them to do?


  • have your pages been optimised for the search engines: page titles, H1 tags, internal links, meta descriptions?
  • are you writing rich, relevant and fresh content for your website?
  • have you created quality inbound links to your site?

Webmaster Tools

  • have you verified your site with Google?
  • have you added an XML site map to Google?
  • are you happy with the sitelinks that Google has created for you?
  • have you checked for errors that Google has identified?

Google Places

  • have you verified your Google Places listing?
  • have you added in the right information for your business?

Google AdWords

  • have you considered using Google AdWords? Are your competitors using it?
  • have you identified the right keywords and ads for your campaign?
  • have you set up conversion tracking on the 'correct' pages?

Google Analytics

  • have you added the Analytics code to all pages of your site?
  • are you measuring the right metrics?

Email Marketing

  • have you added a sign up form to your website?
  • have you figured out the right type of email l to send to your target audience?
  • are you sending out regular updates to your target audience?


In the majority of I cases I would say that if you're comfortable you have completed and/or carefully considered all of the above, then you should start looking at Social Media.

Smart Google Analytics On Your Mobile

If you need to check your site analytics on a regular basis and can't bear to be without it for any length of time, then BAM Analytics's iPhone app may just be the tool for you. I must admit that I like to keep an eye on how my organic and ppc listings are faring and often get frustrated that neither my iPad or iPhone can render the information in the way that I want. That's why I was so pleased to see an endorsement coming from Google Analytics' blog for BAM Analytics's iPhone app. The app has around 60 analytics reports, allows you to create custom reports and even compare with past date ranges. For £1.19 it seems like a great tool that will help you monitor your analytics through a mobile device. Here are some screenshots that I just downloaded.

Are You Paying Attention To Your Mobile Traffic?

I was just doing some work on for a Google AdWords client and on trying to reconcile AdWords and Analytics traffic and conversions came across this interesting stat. You will be able to find it in the following location:

Dashboard > Visitors > Mobile > Mobile Devices

Google Analytics
The client is in the Travel industry and the time frame is the last 30 days. I find it interesting that the iPhone, iPod and iPad (which is a new entrant) dominate the listings. For me this stat throws up all sorts of questions:

  • Have we considered the ability for these devices to view the content - I'm thinking video and Flash - on our website?
  • How do people actually find us?
  • Are our Google AdWords optimised - e.g. in terms of calls to action - for these devices?
  • Do we need to consider Mobile sites?
  • Have we thought about how quickly we help people navigate around our site?

So, have you checked out your Analytics stats and considered what are their implications to your online presence?

Google AdWords By Currys, PC World and Dixons


Do you think these look quite similar? Well, all of the above companies, Currys, Dixons and PC World, belong to one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe, DSG International. What is the logic behind this? Is it counter-productive to do this or does it have a positive effect on sales by making consumers focus on 3 brands when purchasing their consumer goods? Does Google have any rules on company's doing this or is it perfectly legitimate business practice? I wish I knew the answers. If you do, let me know!

What’s In A Word?

If I asked you what Laparoscopic surgery was, would you know?

Well, what about minimally invasive surgery (MIS)?

Or how about keyhole surgery?

The reason I mention this is that the other day I was having a chat with a Spanish consultant (as you do when you're on holidays!) and I mentioned the word "keyhole surgery". He hadn't heard of this term before but used the words laparoscopic surgery (cirugía laparoscópica in Spanish). When he said this I started to think about keywords and target audience and how different people would use Google to find the same web page, with the same procedure.

All too often companies and individuals (who write, blog and tweet for them) have great difficulty in talking in terms of the other man's interests. Instead they seem to speak the language which their peers and colleagues understand. It is so important to get into the head of the people you're going to talk to and speak their language.

Now, in order to explore this use of keywords a littel further, I decided to pump in the terms, keyhole surgery, laparoscopic surgery and minimally invasive surgery into Google AdWords' Keyword Suggestion Tool. I must say that the results somewhat surprised me and there are many conclusions that can be drawn from them.


As you can see the top term of the three, for global searches, was laparoscopic surgery. Keyhole surgery, on a global basis, only generated under 10% of the searches that laparoscopic surgery did. However, if we look at the local searches - in this case from the UK - we can see that keyhole surgery achieves double the number of searches that laparoscopic surgery does. If you analyse this further, you will undoubtedly be able to filter these searches according to whether they were doctors, students, patients or 'other'. Once you better understand which people you intend to 'speak' to and the countries they come from, the better your engagement and conversions will be.

Google AdWords Workshop In July

Google adwords I have had some interest from a couple of people about running a Google AdWords course in July. It is not a workshop that I planned to deliver but if I get enough interest I will be more than happy to run it. The course is designed to give people at beginner or intermediate level a firm foundation in Google AdWords and to offer tips on how to generate more clicks and conversions. More information about the workshop can be found on the Google AdWords page.

Provisionally, I was looking at either the 24th or 25th July. If you would like to book a place, please get in touch on 02921 250650 or email me:

The Wrong Way To Do Google AdWords!

I was just doing some work for a client, and testing out the Ad quality, position and competition, when I came across this AdWord for the keywords "swansea hotels".


This is just the sort of untargeted approach to Google AdWords that you should avoid at all costs. The person who created this AdWord selected (possibly without knowing) the default setting of "Broad Match". For those who are not au fait with AdWords, by selecting the keyword "swansea" under a broad match, the AdWord for this company will appear for all searches which contain this word - which could include "swansea city", "swansea council", "swansea brewery", "swansea city football club".

To maintain this position the advertiser will be spending around £1.20 per click. It is more than likely that they will blow their budget very quickly, receive largely untargeted (read unwanted) traffic and will probably end up saying that Google AdWords is a load of crap and doesn't work!