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Cult of the Mac website

If you're a Mac fan, you may want to head over to Cult of Mac - a blog packed with Mac and iPod news and culture. A couple of the articles which caught my eye were the one about Apple's iPod Nano Advertising campaign in Tokyo:
You can apparently pick up these iPod Nano cutouts from the wall of the Tokyo underground. Each one has an image of the iPod Nano on the front and URL details on the back. With each wave of passengers the staff have to constantly replenish the walls.

The other article which caught my attention was about a product called iBelieve. Designed by Scott Wilson it will allow you to convert your iPod Shuffle into a crucifix. It costs $13, $2 goes to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and various Children's charities.


How to Win Clients the FedEx Way

The Church of the Customer have an interesting write up about a FedEx client who appears to have incurred the wrath of the mighty corporate company. It would seem that José Avila decided to use his FedEx cardboard packaging boxes as furniture in his new house - he apparently didn't have the cash to buy new furniture having moved from one part of the US to another - and then posted some of the pictures on the web. This is the story according to Joe Jaffe, who seems to have generated a lot of buzz surrounding the story:

* Jose moves from California to Arizona

* Doesn't really have the cash to go to IKEA, so in the spirit of
creativity and armed with the tagline, "it's ok to be ghetto", he decks
out his apartment with Fedex boxes

* Sticks a few pictures on his website and before he knows it, the web lights up with activity and interest...

* Word gets out to Fedex who find Jose's efforts to be a distraction
from the development of their next Superbowl spot or a raging debate
about the recommended Pantone colors from their next branding logo

* Fedex issues a Cease 'n Desist, citing everything from the Digital Millennium Copywriter's Act to Box Theft. Site taken down.

* Jose connects with Jennifer Granick over at Stanford who fights Fedex's imbecilic behavior all the way to the blog. Site back up.

* Avila maintains his position that it's ok to be ghetto and soaks up publicity from Countdown to the Today Show.

He believes that José Avila:

"a pink-haired, unassuming software engineer who could quite
possibly be the marketer of the year (or at least the hour)"

When you read something like this you can't help but wonder at how incompetent some of these large corporate giants can really be. Instead of promoting the story and using viral marketing to push the brand for them, they wheel out the big legal guns and try to beat the poor customer into sumbissions.

Stupid buggers!

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Live 8 and the Long Walk to Justice


The Long Walk To Justice is the symbolic journey of millions of people across the world to show the G8 leaders that the world is watching and waiting.

Read more about Live 8 and the Long Walk to Justice on the Live  site. Make sure to sign the Live 8 List - an email list which "may be  used to petition word leaders."

British Squaddies Show Viral Marketers the Way to Amarillo

AmarilloProbably the biggest viral marketing success of the year has come not from an advertising agency but from the Royal Dragoon Guards, based at their Al Faw base in Iraq. The squaddies decided to make a  spoof video of the Tony Christie song 'Is this the Way to Amarillo', which recently went back to the top of the UK charts as a result of the excellent charity video by Peter Kay. The video clip, which features members of the Royal Dragoon Guards mimicking the Peter Kay video, was sent to friends in the UK but so many people tried to downlad it that the MoD server could not cope.

If you'd like to see a short news clip about the video, take a look at the BBC website -
'Amarillo' video crashes MoD PCs
; though for the full version I'd recommend you go to The Sun newspaper and download it from there (you pay £0.50 but all proceeds go to the Armed Forces Memorial Appeal)

Spoof is barrel of laughs (The Sun)

Tiger Woods Putt goes Open Source

If you loved THAT Tiger Woods golf putt at the Masters, then you´ll surely love the video clip that Joseph Jaff has put together on his site. Though many claim that he only made some simple edits - "Just Do It" - he did get out there before the rest of the field and now everyone is trackbacking him. I wonder how long before the Nike Golf team start using this or whether they'll develop their own. Open Source Marketing? Viral Marketing? Co-Creation?

Just Enjoy It!

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E-Mail Marketing as a Relationship Strategy from Peppers and Rogers

I've just downloaded an interesting pdf from the Right Now website, entitled E-Mail Marketing as a Relationship Strategy (you need to sign up to receive it). Written by the Peppers and Rogers Group, the management consulting firm, it offers a guide to High Impact E-mail Marketing and according to the marketing blurb offers the following:

E-mail Marketing as a Relationship Strategy is a guide for
combining leading customer relationship strategies with the best
practices within e-mail marketing. It begins with a look at the
modern e-mail marketing landscape and an examination of its sharpest
challenges.  This is followed by "Four Steps to High Impact E-mail
Marketing," designed to help decision makers surpass the challenges
and achieve success. Throughout the report are examples of
best-in-class e-mail marketing approaches, including a case study from
Skechers USA, Inc.

The Resource Centre of this site also offers some other interesting White Papers.

ChangeThis – Writing Manifestos for Change

EmailproposalThere are some sites which really do have that WOW! factor and make you say, "wish I'd thought of this first". ChangeThis is just such a site. In a nutshell the site works like this: people (anyone) submit manifesto proposal on any subject; the editorial board identifies what might be of interest and, once selected, the general public then vote on which one should be written up into a full manifesto (proposals are made up of 300 words). Once your proposal is selected, you write it up and ChangeThis will create a smart pdf document ready for site visitors to download -  for FREE!.

So, as a visitor, you could be getting great pdf downloads from some of the most important business, political or 'green' thinkers, for FREE and as a manifesto writer you are getting your thoughts out to a huge global audience.

The inspiration for the site came from Seth Godin and was developed by Amit Gupta, Catherine Hickey, Noah Weiss, Phoebe Espiritu and Michelle Sriwongtong in the summer of 2004.

The following have all had their manifestos printed on the site:

  • Tom Peters
  • Amnesty International
  • Malcolm Gladwell
  • Seth Godin
  • Al Gore

and here are some of the latest manifestos:

  • The Hughtrain Hugh MacLeod | You've read the Cluetrain, now HUGH MACLEOD brings you The Hughtrain.
  • Beginner's Guide to Business Blogging Debbie Weil | *** FREE For 15 Days Only! *** The what, why, and how of business blogging, by business blog expert, Debbie Weil.
  • Two Tomatoes SectionZ | Ever wonder if locally-grown produce is actually better?

It's quite a 'democratic' way of spreading knowledge, in that anyone can write a proposal, which can be voted on (only once) by visitors to the site and this, in turn, can be read and forwarded to anyone on the web. Simply Brilliant!

105 Real-life Marketing Lessons from Marketing Sherpa

2005wisdom_1For another year running Marketing Sherpa has compiled a list of real-life marketing stories in a FREE downloadble PDF, called Marketing Wisdom 2005. As the marketing blurb says, "[Marketing Wisdom 2005] Includes 105 real-life marketing lessons learned from MarketingSherpa readers including the folks at Timberland, Pacific Shaving, and ING Direct:

  • Email tests that worked
  • Search marketing tactics
  • Site design to raise conversions
  • Direct mail, radio, & telemarketing stories"

Haven't read it yet but if it's like last year's, it will make very good reading.

Using Email to Target Mothers

Just came across an interesting article from Wonderbranding. In it Michele Miller discusses some of the findings from about targeting mothers through eMail. Here are some of the findings:

  • 67% of mothers say they check their email 3 or more times a day

  • 66% of mothers spend more money with companies that send them useful and relevant e-mail messages

  • 71% think e-mail messages influence their buying decisions

  • 67% of mothers go online to do product research and 55% look for coupons or discounts online

I remember when my wife was pregnant (around 3 years ago) she signed up to a few mother and toddler Web sites. Some of them were able to develop on-line relationships by sending us meaningful information, such as how our baby was developing on a given week and what changes my wife might expect. In addition, she signed up for coupons for a wide range of products, both for herself and the baby - I recall Huggies Club being one. I think that it is all about developing meaningful, valued relationships where women perceive and experience tangible benefits. The period before birth through to maternity offer companies a great opportunity to put the building blocks in place for  the establishment of a long-lasting relationship. Not sure how many of them can build on this, though.

Michelle ends with some interesting questions: “Are you utilizing your online relationship with female consumers?  Are you speaking to their needs... offering real value other than just an announcement of your latest sale?  When they look at your email, do they envision a friend on the other end... or just another sales pitch?”

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